AMD Ryzen 3000 (Zen2)

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  1. Some of the prices and specs of the Ryzen 3000 series are being leaked by sales partners. The G series have integrated graphics.


    At CES AMD showed an 8 core beating Intel's 8 core i9 9900K in performance, power, and now most likely price. The market is going to get shook up pretty soon.

  2. Wait... so does this confirm the AdoredTV leak?
  3. He made a lot statements. Some were accurate, some weren't, and some remain to be seen. It does seem like AMD will finally be on even footing, or even better footing, than Intel for the first time since..2006? Since Intel is going to be stuck on 14nm for a while longer, AMD will most likely market themselves as the first to 7nm.
  4. I hope AMD doesn't fuck this up for me. I've waited a long time for their glorious rise from the ashes!
  5. It's already been delayed 6 months so hopefully they can still get them out the door by July. Intel's debacle with their 10nm process has almost been as big of a mistake as AMD's Bulldozer. They've been working on it for 5 years with nothing produced.
  6. Glad I sent that 7700K w/ RAM and board back and waited for a 1800x sale. I think I'm going to be sticking to AMD for quite a while. If only they could get a decent high end video card put together and HIS could give it the IceQ treatment, I'd go for a full AMD build.

    Nothing will ever fix the ugliness of my brown Noctua cooler or grotesque Ryzen-friendly Flare X G.Skill RAM, so why not just go full ugly with HIS IceQ again? Just waiting on AMD to remember how to make a good GPU.

    Simultaneously one of the best and ugliest cards I've ever owned.
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    Ryzen 3 3300 benchmarks popped up on Geekbench. The 3300 is the new entry level AMD CPU for $99 and it looks like it's faster than the current generation flagship 2700X which had an MSRP of $349. The core count and speed is the same as the 2600X so it seems the rumored ~15% IPC increase was accurate. It's also impressive that the 6/12 core multi-thread benchmark is now faster than the 8/16 core.


    Another interesting rumor is that all X570 motherboards will need a fan because of PCIe 4.0. I can't remember the last time I had a fan on a motherboard. Maybe they wont suck balls like they used to.

    AMD will also be unveiling their Navi video cards on Sunday. It's expected that AMD will try to brand-jack the 3060, 3070, and 3080 names from Nvidia. Nvidia is trying to stop them because obviously they would want to use those with their next gen cards. The rumor is the fastest Navi, 3080 XT, will be slighty faster than Nvidia's 2070 which obviously means there will be a faster 2070 Ti launched the day after the 3080 XT. In fact, Nvidia is expected to announce one or more new cards on Sunday as well. It wouldn't surprise me if they announced a whole new lines of cards since sales of their RTX cards have been about half of what was predicted.
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    I really hope Navi turns things around for them on the GPU side, or they at least come out with a card that’s a great value. RTX has been an expensive pile of suck and fail, so there’s a real opportunity here to catch nVidia with their pants down.
  9. I think Navi will help but unless their prices are set low I don't see them being a huge success. An RX 5700 that can beat a 2080 for $300 would be nice but I'm guessing it will be closer to $500. I think the prices on the new Ryzen processors are a little disappointing. I won't be in a rush to upgrade to anything.
  10. I'm hoping Navi is something special. I'm ready for an upgrade on my graphics card and I really don't want to have to overpay for an RTX card.
  11. I think a realistic expectation for Navi would be competitive alternatives with a decent price rather than hoping for a massive tech breakthrough. The first generation Ryzen is now becoming a huge success but did not start at the top and had some criticism and doubt as certain issues like RAM compatibility and updates were worked out. Quite a lot of skepticism focused on multithreaded, multicore processing when I bought my 1800x. Let's see if Navi demonstrates good performance and tech for a competitive price first.
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    I think a good goal for AMD would be RX5700 = RTX 2070 for about $279.99. That would be disruptive enough to force nVidia to cut their prices back down to pre-cryptomining prices, and it would get people to go with AMD again.
  13. The Vega 56 was actually a pretty decent and well reviewed card, particularly the Sapphire Nitro+. You could overclock it to almost Vega 64 performance without too many problems. They had major efficiency and heat problems with 64 if you tried to push it at all, and it would make your PC a mini Chernobyl if you tried to overclock it heavily. Heat was too much of a problem if you tried to go beyond an OCed 56 but Vega was pretty good up to that threshold.

    The mining problem killed any chance of getting any traction in gaming, but I think they're closer to being competitive than most would think. Vega 56 could have been a sleeper hit if you could ever find one at a decent price. Vega 56 was in much better shape than the Bulldozer crapware CPUs replaced by Ryzen.
  14. Yeah. The Vega 56 is a good card that was never really available when it needed to be. If my 1070 had died at any point I might have gotten a Vega 56.
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    AMD isn't coming from as far behind as they were with their CPUs. It has primarily been mining and poor timing that has held back their GPUs in recent years. The Vega 56 should have been a great 1070 alternative, but it was not available due to mining. The Polaris RX 480/580 cards should have been great sub $200 GTX 1060 alternatives, but were not available for several years due to mining. They also hurt themselves by consistently launching so much later than nVidia.

    That being said, poor timing may be what kills them with Navi. They are taking their sweet time coming out with it. RTX was a flop, but if they wait too long, nVidia may come out with a cheaper/better successor and they will lose their chance. They may already be too late.

    They also have something else going against them now which is brand recognition. An entire generation of younger PC gamers has come up now that basically has no awareness of ATI/AMD/Radeon GPUs because they haven't really been viable since 2013. For these younger gamers video card = nVidia. They have zero brand awareness of AMD. Just look at the steam hardware survey. AMD doesn't even have a GPU in the top 10.

  16. It's unfortunate that they haven't been able to get more brand recognition out of the console. I'm sure some people would want the glorious power of the Xbox on their PC. Intel is also releasing a discrete GPU pretty soon and I'm betting it will be competing against AMD's budget cards. Fortunately for AMD, Intel will probably sell it for a fair price plus the 50% Intel tax.

    Intel has been having fun with some concept art.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Here is the final product line-up. AMD did announce a 16 core "gaming" CPU. AMD's cherry picked numbers showed Ryzen matching or beating Intel on thermals, power, multi-core and single core. That of course should be taken with a huge grain of salt. These are AMD's numbers and unverified. Gaming also saw a huge improvement but I think AMD is still going to be about ~5% slower at 1080p which is borderline insignificant. AMD also says their boards will have a 10 to 15ms reduction in input lag which might appeal to competitive gamers.

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    The 3700X looks like it’s the sweet spot among those chips. The 3800X is clocked a little higher, but with a big increase in TDP, meaning more heat, noise, and power consumption.
  19. I wouldn't trust their numbers blindly either, but it does look like a pretty strong lineup. The prices of the 3600x and 3700x look pretty competitive. You will probably be able to get those for killer deals around the holidays. I usually buy CPUs in the ~$300 range. I will be interested to see how the 3700x compares to the 3900x. I got my 1800x heavily discounted from originally around $500 to about ~$300 that I paid during a holiday sale.

    I'm also pretty curious to see the Cinebench scores for the 3950x.
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  20. I agree. Right around $350 always seems to be the sweet spot of performance to price.
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