An old question: Cable vs DSL

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. And I should be happy I'm paying for 12 mbit yet getting just 5 mbit half the time??

    I think half my discontent is this crappy fusion netbook. I'll get used to getting cheated outta my internet.
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    speedtest is unreliable because of that. It's the same when I run it on my phone. If I choose to Wilson, NC (30min away from me) I get nice low latency but the downstream isn't accurate and is always low.. like 3mbps test speed. When I pick Greensboro, NC (few hours away) it get high latency, but my test speeds show really high.
  3. Comcast upgraded my area so they can offer their 105Mbit tier. I got a nice bump in speed. The internet was really wonky for a few days while they were working on it.