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  1. Apparently the OTA update is live for the Nexus 5,6,7,9 and 10 so keep an eye on your devices. The LTE Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 is having to wait.

    Our 2013 7s and the Nexus 5 don't appear to have picked it up yet.
  2. This was advice given by Android for the Kit Kat roll out.

  3. Just got my 5.0 OTA notification
  4. Well... How is it?
  5. It's different..






    Everything looks pretty good, but all the white was a bit of a shock after the predominantly black 4.4.4. The notification bar and recent apps list took some getting used to.

    Performance on ART is great and everything is smoother than KitKat. Battery life seems about the same so far, but I'll wait for everything to settle down before further judgement.

    The smart unlock feature is pretty good, if my moto 360 is connected, it disables the screen lock. Only works for Bluetooth and NFC though, why not WiFi? The lock screen displays notifications now, but is a pain because it requires a swipe up to show the pattern lock.

    Gone are the silent, vibrate, normal audio settings. Now there's:

    None - NO alerts, notification light or even alarms. Seems dumb

    Priority - no alerts unless from certain apps or from contacts


    Setting to vibrate mode requires turning the volume down all the way, which I think is stupid.

    There's a battery saver mode which limits processor speed and background syncing. Also turns the notification bar and navigation bar orange.

    Still playing around with it but things seem to have gone a bit Samsung with the organisation in the settings.

    Eg, screen autorotate doesn't show up in the display section or the quick toggles until you go into accessibility, then activate it from there. Took forever to find.


    Oh yeah, notification bar changes colour to match apps, of the app supports it.

    Most of my tasker tasks are broken too
  6. Whoa, is that a screen cast everything option I see? Even Amazon video, etc?

    Glad I waited on that HTPC.
  7. Hmm, I dunno. Don't really cast from my phone that often.

    Just tested it with Google movies and it won't cast movies stored on your device. Works with random videos on device though.

    Also with the camera!

  8. I would imagine it would work similar to iOS/AirPlay, where you download the Amazon Instant Video app onto your device and then mirror to your TV.
  9. Just noticed that my Nexus 7 4.4.4 has the screen cast option now. Never noticed it before. I was streaming TV to my tablet then playing it on the TV. All the apps I tried also worked. My TV is 1080P and the resolution looked to be about 80% of that so not too sharp but still useful. My camera worked too so now I can put my face on any TV in the house and demand a sandwich. My Nexus 5 doesn't seem to have the option yet.
  10. Nexus 5 just got the update, both 7s (2013) still waiting.
  11. Doing the install and reboot now.
  12. Looks like they replaced the dots at the bottom of the screen with Play Station controller symbols.
  13. Well... How is it?
  14. Orgasmic?
  15. There are a couple of things I don't like and maybe they're changeable in settings. My lock screen gets congested with notification and the unlock button went from quarter size to pea size. It's harder to unlock now and I have to stare at it for an extra second. A few of my Apps broke but updates fixed it. It also threw a fit over my Advanced Task Killer app and didn't stop complaining about it until I deleted it. The keyboard seems to work a lot like Swipe which is nice. I actually stopped using Swipe because it got annoying so hopefully this will be better in the long run. Chrome seems a lot faster but they did away with the tabs and that has me confused.
  16. Advanced Task Killer?! WHAT YEAR IS IT??!!

    Chrome still has tabs. Maybe the interface got changed and you can't find it? Take a screenshot.
  17. Chrome will mix its tabs with recent apps by default on lollipop. You can change back to normal tabs in chrome settings.

    With the lock screen, you don't actually need to touch the circle, just swipe up anywhere on the screen. Swiping right gets you the dialer and left, the camera.

    You can also disable or obscure the lock screen notifications in sound and notification settings. The biggest issue with obscuring he information is that it breaks media player lockscreen controls.
  18. What do you mean? ATK came out last year. I've had a few bad apps that just wont die.

    Okay. I found the option to change the tabs/recent App option in Chrome. I'm actually going to keep them in recent apps for a bit and see if I like that better.

    Up swipe does work even on the notification so I guess I'll leave that alone as well and see if I like it.
  19. Swiping down on an email notification will expand it and give you delete options, if you didn't already know. Works on the notification shade too

    I couldn't get on with having them mixed. Old pages would end up about 20 apps back and finding them again was a pain.
  20. advanced task killer came out forever ago man. the reason it was made was because prior to froyo, android didn't properly shut down apps. this hasn't been an issue since then. did you mean atk was last updated last year? look at the screenshots the dev has of it on the play store. that's some ancient android right there.

    I've been on android since froyo and have never needed a task killer.