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  1. So is chi on Android N yet?
  2. Nope. I'll wait for final release
  3. Riddle me this...

    I drove my car to someones house. Then carpooled to a event in another car. Google Now correctly determined my car was parked at the house. How?
  4. Just randomly correct. Probably didn't realise you were traveling afterwards.

    Or your friend drives like an old lady who's too short to see out the window and push the pedal down properly.

    Or Google Now knows your car. It knows exactly how many pounds heavier it is when you sit in it. It knows what it sounds like. It knows how many times you turn the steering wheel 3.14 degrees.
  5. I've been able to solve 99% of Androids issues by rebooting once a day. It makes a night and day difference. Gonna pass on the S7 Edge and wait for the iPhone 7 / Note 6 showdown in the fall.
  6. What phone are you using? The only times I've rebooted my phone in the last 5 months have been when I'm flashing firmware updates.
  7. I think supersonic got dem pr0n appz
  8. What do think about trusting 3rd party apps? I allow it for Amazon but now I have a external Chinese camera thing that needs an app that is not in the app store. I guess I have to trust it.
  9. See if it will work with IP Cam Viewer Lite/Pro.
  10. I can try but this camera plugs into USB port on the phone. No IP involved.
  11. Upgraded my Note 4/5 to TouchWiz Marshmallow. This time Samsung really brought their A game. After a few days of use, all I can say is... it just works. They must have trimmed/optimized it because it is snappy and the notorious lag is nonexistent. They did double down on super bright over-saturated colors (unlike the Marshmallow on the new S7 line). Samsung outdid iOS with a searchable clipboard that can recall several copied text, images, etc at once. Don't believe stock supports this.

    I've also read they are allowing demo testing on a new UI that will replace TouchWiz altogether going forward. Hopefully it will be live by Note 6. Unfortunately, the bloat still exists and has gotten bigger. Each Google app comes with a duplicate Samsung version I can't uninstall and will never use.

    On a side Note, TW with 6.0.1 brings the Note 4 to near 100% feature parity with Note 5. All that is missing is Samsung Pay. That makes the Note 4 a better choice, as I just replaced the battery, and have an SD card. I can't really tell a noticeable speed difference between the two in daily use.
  12. @khaid

    You contact deleting scrub.... do you still use Google Contacts? Any idea how to import my iCloud people to it? You're still my only contact and deleting you just puts you in Circles friends... I can't even be rid of you:


    What the fuck google. This is so not intuitive.
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    easiest way would be to log into icloud and go into contacts. select all of the contacts you want to move over and export the vcard file. from there you in can import it to google contacts.

    and yes i still use google contacts. i may use an iphone (and ipad pro 9.7", but my primary services are still google services.

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  14. Fuck it... I was trying to prepare my body for Note 67 but I'm just going to spinoff a Gmail just for Android.
  15. I'm not exactly sure what your situation is. are you talking about google+? google+ and contacts aren't the same. it may have asked if you wanted to merge the two at some point when you set up google+
  16. ^ import from Vcard worked. I made a new Gmail strictly for Android. I think it'll actually be easier to use my regular Gmail through an exchange/email app. That way I have greater control of what shows up on the Google Cards... also a new free Music/YTRed trial.
  17. So Samsung continues to gimp their flagship Note line... same specs as the 6 month old S7. It doesn't even look as slick to the eyes.

  18. Is the snapdragon still an overheating, underperformed, battery draining piece of poo?
  19. nah the galaxy s7 has been performing fine. people have just been trained for huge changes every generation so the expectations have been high.

    the same thing is happening now to the iPhone 7 and that hasn't even been announced yet
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