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  1. lol I'm still pissed about non-removable battery... the Note was such a good power user phone because it focused on practicality above aesthetics. But I guess, not anymore.
  2. indeed, it was nice but at least the microsd card slot made it back.
  3. I like my LG G4 enough that I'd probably consider getting a G5 if it dies.
  4. I finally bought a spare battery and charger. I didn't realize how convenient it would be until I tried it. I don't even charge my phone now. It only takes 30 seconds to swap batteries and I got 100% power.
  5. man welcome to 2010
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  6. CAT makes a phone that has predator vision. Nice.

  7. What the opinion on the Axion 7? Should I get one for $300 or wait 6 months for a 40% more power efficient Snapdragon 835 in a Oneplus4?
  8. Never heard of the axion 7.

    I've never really been a fan of oneplus based on their weird sign up procedure in the beginning but a more efficient processer is always a plus.
  9. I meant Axon 7. It's one of those Chinese flagship killers that come out with all the right specs.

    Snapdragon 820 with 4GB memory
    1440p 5.5 inch AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass 4
    Dual front facing speakers and dedicated DAC
    Quick charge 3.0
    64GB storage plus MicroSD slot
    3,250mAh battery
    1 of only 8 phones compatible with Google Daydream
    Nougat upgrade available
    2 year warranty with cross-ship
    1 year accidental damage coverage -$80 per incident.
    Screen protector pre-installed

    On the negative side the camera sucks in low light.

    About $300 on sale.

  10. OnePlus dropped the invite system with their previous phone. If you buy your phones straight cash, it's one of the better ones to get. OxygenOS is like 95% stock with 5% practical overlay.
  11. Tmobile has the LG V20 and Samsung S7 Edge for $360. Which one? The V20 also comes with an LG PH150G $250 projector which can be sold.
  12. Not much to dislike about the LG, it still has a removable battery. From a Nexus, it'll be less of a shock to get the LG.

    The Samsung is super AMOLED with revamped TouchWiz. That could go either way... I think TW brings much needed features to Android. But others consider it a bloated mess. I like Samsung over-saturated colors, others like dull pictures. I like the back button on the right, everyone else puts it on the left. The only objective perk is the edge gives you 5.5" in the frame of a 4.8".

    Rumor has it these will drop another $5/mo on 2/24.
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    Removable battery is a big selling point to me but the Edge has wireless charging and lasts almost an hour longer in SOT. I like the Edge screen better but if can sell the projector and my G4 the V20 won't cost me anything. CarToys will throw in the VR headset which is a $100 bonus.

    Edit: I decided on the S7 Edge. The screen won me over.
  14. Why is the removable battery a selling point? Seems like you guys change phones every six months.
  15. Removable battery isn't a feature. It's a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle I didn't fully understand until I experienced it. You should try it. of us.
  16. But you buy the same phone every year.
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  17. That would be a sick burn...if I weren't still using a 5s that I bought 3 years ago. Battery life hasn't degraded that much. I'll probably be able to use it for another two years.
  18. Reverse burn!

  19. Can you split screen maps/waze and youtube yet?