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  1. It's possible in nougat

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  2. No. I just did it for the first time after you posted the question. I don't think it's very useful. I might use the second smaller screen option more. I like how it can be reduced and brought back. Maps, calculator, and camera could be useful on a small screen.

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  3. S8+ looks nice.. ordered
  4. Hangouts gave me a message that SMP would be discontinued soon. WTF. I use the heck out of the Chrome extension. What's a person got to do to get the same SMP messages sent to iPhone, Android, and PC?
  5. I think Hangouts is in death process. Once they get Allo where it needs to be they'll pull the plug on Hangouts and Messenger.
  6. it's total bullshit if they do that though. allo is a whatsapp style messenger. I have no use for something like that.

    with hangouts, it's more of a Facebook messenger competitor. I can be on any device and receive and respond to messages. you can only have allo on one device at a time. there is no iPad client. there is no desktop client. when I'm at home, I never have my phone with me. it's normally sitting in my bedroom where I'm never at unless I'm going to bed.

    also, hangouts supports Google voice and Google voice messaging.
  7. It's just a guess on my part. But Allo desktop app is on the way and Hangouts is about to lose SMS/MMS.
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    hangouts is only losing sms/mms support from regular carriers though. it was basically just a shallow client for it just like those 5000 other apps on the android store. it will still have native google voice support for sms/mms. the way it works carries it directly through hangouts where you get your google voice sms/mms on all of your clients.. in my case, i get them on my iphone, ipad, and desktop and can reply to them from there too. it has to stay in hangouts because that's really all that's left for Google to stand on for hangouts and Google voice support.

    the rumor of the allo desktop client isn't something to be excited about though. it will supposedly work similar to how the whatsapp client works where you pair it to your computer.. which i can tell you is quite useless because you have to continuously do it.

    I'm not exactly sure what Google's purpose with allo was.
  9. Hmm... I was under the impression that Hangouts allowed SMS/MMS portability across devices and ecosystems. That doesn't appear to be the case, so I guess it isn't the major blow I though it was. I also don't get what Allo is in its current form. I already have 6 messaging apps, my interest in adding a 7th is nonexistent.
  10. They pretty much released a messaging app that nobody asked for. In its current form, it's missing all sorts of features from hangouts.. but it has google assistant which I can see the potential in, but why release allo now? They should have waited until they had some features that would actually grab people.

    They did the same thing with google maps a couple years ago. they released a revised maps app that was missing all sorts of features from the original maps app. Then later on they finally added some of the features back in and treated it like new features.
  11. Anyone experiencing issues with Nougat? My fingerprint sensor got finicky and it seems like opening apps will sometimes have a slight delay.
  12. TouchWizLag™

    Setup Tasker to reboot your phone at 4am every few days.
  13. A reboot did fix the lag. Is tasker built in or is there an app? I need to redo my fingerprint scan and see if that helps.
  14. 3rd party app, but the best $3 you could spend on the Android store. You can use it to save incredible amounts of battery life. Especially, paired with the NFC plugin and a tags scattered through your house, car, work, etc...
  15. are you guys excited about fushcia? looks like it'll be the successor to android that google is working on from ground up. it won't be based off of linux anymore. maybe it's finally time that they fix the horrible standby time on android.

  16. Yeah, I suppose. I'm never really impressed with each new version of Android. For everything that gets improved, there is something else that gets worse. Better battery life would be great. My iPhone can still go for days in standby.
  17. I decided to give up the Samsung. I got the oneplus 5 and it's an amazing phone for what I need it for....mostly emulator and high end mobile games.

    Also love the fact the Android OS is stripped, so no unnecessary apps

  18. I decided to change my Google password and then factory reset my 7 Edge. That was a very bad idea. Now I'm stuck in a 24 hour lockout. F-me. I guess it could be worse. I read it used to be a 72 hours.