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  1. If it's not rooted, go to your nearest Samsung service store. You have a two year warranty.

    I went recently for my Mrs s7 and it ended up being a mobo issue. They ended up repairing it, for free.

  2. I was able to get it working. It was only a 24 hour lockout. The timer reset with every login attempt so I shut it off.
  3. Whats up with this? If I connect a bluetooth keyboard I lose the virtual keyboard in Google Hangouts. Nowhere else. I'm using Samsung keyboard and the option to keep the VR keyboard open with real keyboard is on.
  4. I got my S7 wet and 4 days later its still acting weird. So what you all think about the Pixel 2 XL? The wife say get an iPhone already but I say hell no.
  5. I would echo your wife's sentiments of just get an iPhone. I've been quite happy with my 8.
  6. Fine a used iPhone6S with battery issues. Then get Apple Store to replace it for free. Should outlast the new Androids by another 3-4 years.
  7. It took about two weeks but my phone started to work like normal again. Lesson learned. Water proof isn't always water proof.
  8. So I've had my OnePlus6 for about 1.5 years now. In some ways it's been one of the best phones I've ever owned but the camera has always been a weak spot. It's just average to below average. I'm considering a side-grade to a Pixel 3a XL. The Pixel has one of the best camera's available but it also has the Snapdragon 670 processor vs the 845 of the OnePlus 6. The holidays bring deals and I can now get a 3a XL unlocked for $380. Should I make the switch or would the slower processor bother me?
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    My wife picked up a refurb 512GB Samsung Note 9 for $279 ($429 - $160 for signing up for some Amazon credit cards). The Note 10 would have been a lot more money, and many tech reviewers said it's not worth the money over a 9. The vanilla 10 is a significant downgrade from the 9 in many ways, and the 10 Plus is only a slight upgrade. It's in great condition and I can't believe how cheap it ended up being. It's a great phone that could win me back over to the Android side with my next upgrade. I think Samsung is better at making big phones than Apple. It's big but it doesn't feel awkward and unwieldy the way my iPhone 6 Plus did. It's also the first Android phone I've used that doesn't lag at all. I get the impression that Android is very RAM hungry, but phones are now coming with 8GB+ of fast RAM so it's becoming less of an issue. It's fast and smooth just like using an iPhone. It also gets great battery life. She uses it all day and it's still at over 50% charge by the end of the day. It has a headphone jack and an SD slot too, two features that never should have been removed from phones. And it doesn't have a stupid looking notch. They put everything in a small bezel at the top.

    If Apple keeps jacking up prices and making stupid design decisions like the notch and no headphone jack, I could see myself going over to Android next time around.
  10. How the fuck??? You have a link to that deal? I’d jump on it.
  11. the iphone 11 broke the mold for the stupid pricing that apple held for the last 2 years. you got the 2 tiers now.. iphone 11, iphone pro, with the 11 not being a huge downgrade like the xr was to the xs.

    samsung has also decided to follow apple's top tier device pricing so we're not exactly safe from anybody unfortunately.

    not sure if you followed apple's quiet humongous battery upgrades in this year's iphone releases.


    i'm kinda locked down in apple's ecosystem now so (ipad pro, watch, airpods) i can't really jump around to different devices, but apple's still making significant upgrades here and there.
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    It’s gone. The Amazon reseller that was running the deal sold out of them very quickly. It’s on Prime so it has a 90 day return window and there wasn’t really any risk in ordering it. It seems brand new so I don’t imagine having to return it.


    I’m not that invested in the Apple ecosystem. It really wouldn’t be a big deal for me to switch.
  13. I got a Pixel 3 XL for $450 last week. I haven't had the time to set it up yet.
  14. I loaded BlueStacks 5 Android emulator on my PC just to try it out. It's pretty neat but I'm not sure what I'll do with it.
  15. there really isn't much use for it.

    you can run android apps on a chromebook. chromebooks can do it with chrome os and they have touch screens
  16. I guess it's kind of neat seeing games go from a 6" screen to a 32".