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  2. They're really scraping the bottom of the superhero barrel with this. Jesus.
  3. In the Marvel universe, the original Ant-Man was the creator of Ultron, so there's potentially a tie-in with the next Avengers movie.
  4. If this isn't a massive flop, I will be sad 50 cent.

    Edit: I had a feeling this was Disney and confirmed.. a tax scheme no doubt.
  5. It won't be huge, but it won't be a flop. Don't underestimate the Avengers connection for fans. Ant-Man may not be that well-known to the general public, but the character is actually fairly important/popular.
  6. Remember. They just released a movie with a talking raccoon and it was a huge hit.
  7. I'm surprised they didn't cast Taylor Kitsch. He seems to be the go to guy if you want to make a movie that's a tax/insurance write off scam. Too obvious I guess? I guess RomCom D-List actor Paul Rudd will have to do. He doesn't have the charisma vacuum or non-star power of Taylor Kitsch, but he does look legitimately bored to be in this, which is a huge plus if you want the movie to fail.
  8. It actually looks good.
  9. That looks terrible... and too cheap to be an intentional write down. Probably just a throwaway movie to introduce Avengers 2. We're supposed to believe Paul Rudd the catburglar unlocks his inner genius and creates Ultron? LOL
  10. The Thomas the Tank Engine appearance was inspired. The small-but-powerful idea is perfect for kids. Marvel may be looking to have some franchises that skew a bit younger now.
  11. In the new movie series it's Tony Stark that makes Ultron.