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  1. On the days when they're not attempting to destroy the internet with the App Store, Apple sometimes takes time out to make smartphones. Post your news, thoughts, questions, raves, rants, and wildest conspiracy theories about the iPhone in this thread.
  2. Apple needs to get Swype or something like it. Then I might secretly get one and ditch the buggy piece of shit android platform. Of course, I'll have to get a case mod to make it look like WM7, so nobody will ask to borrow it and see I have an iPhone.
  3. I have a question - how convenient I can throw it your way! When's the next iPhone due and is there any news or rumours on what it could have? My wife's keen to get an iPhone but doesn't mind waiting until the next one if it's worth it.
  4. I much prefer T9 for texting over a qwerty keyboard. SWYPE is ok too
  5. monsly: the iPhone 5 rumors don't seem to be that detailed at the moment. I've heard that it's "totally redesigned", which I would interpret to mean the industrial design...but can't really say if I'm that convinced that it's going to be a radical departure. They may have something up their sleeve with the special Liquidmetal alloy company they purchased though. And the battery life always gets better with each gen. That's pretty much guaranteed.

    I think the most interesting rumor that I've heard is that Apple could be putting more focus on the GPU aspect of the new ARM custom chip set. That could be a potential differentiation from other competitors who seem to mainly be focused on having two CPU cores. It's possible that they could go with a single core custom A9 + newfangled custom GPU that does more graphically with less power consumption than vanilla A9 dual cores.

    It seems like kind of an Apple thing to do. Most people speculated that the iPad would be based on the A9, but it turned out to be a customized A8 that ran as fast as an A9, thus very good performance + better power consumption.

    But anyway, rumors aside, it seems likely that it will be a summer 2011 release.
  6. monsly, the iphones have always come out mid june to mid july each year so that's always your expected date. i've only been loosely following info but off the top of my head, dual core processor and nfc may make it to the new model.
  7. Well, there is Tiki'Notes. My general impression of it is that if you go to a Tiki Bar and drink a few Mai Tai's, you might be convinced it's as good as Swype.
  8. Some things I'd like to see on the next iPhone

    -support for both gsm and cdma on the same phone, so it will work on any carrier
    -dual core processor
    -more ram
    -something similar to swype
    -redesigned antenna
    -material other than glass on the back
    -voice guided turn by turn directions
    -improved battery life
  9. Voice-guided turn by turn navigation is already available for iPhone.
  10. Cheers for all the info. Hmmmm. Think we'll hang on for more news on the next one; sounds like there's some interesting possibilities. May have to change mine at the same time; still on a 3G and now there's a few things I'm missing out on.
  11. Indeed, I heard Steve Jobs say Skynet will be active by 2012 and that the next iPhone will be named T1.

    From what I've seen of the Iphone 4 it's already pretty impressive. I just wish they'd make the things more durable to small drops. Of course I doub't I'll ever get one because I don't like iTunes, especially the store side of it since we pay 50% more for everything even though our dollar is on par with USD. I guess that's just the tax we pay for being convicts.
  12. So is apple being sued over some kind of consumer privacy violation?
  13. What violation would that be?
  14. They touch you on your private parts.
  15. Most Apple users are probably used to that though
  16. From what I've read about these two lawsuits, it doesn't actually sound like they're suing about personal information being transmitted without permission, but rather that some apps can share the UDIDs (unique device identifiers) with Apple or third parties. That kind of thing is actually typical for ad networks...non-identifiable demographic information.

    I guess the problem with suing Apple about this is that Apple doesn't actually claim to screen applications for that type of sharing. Only personal information. I use Pandora Radio, and it definitely asks you if you want to share personal info with Pandora.

    An example of info used for ad networks routinely by both Apple and Google:

  17. Thought I would post this quick chart that I found on TouchArcade regarding the A5 system-on-a-chip that's being used by the iPad 2. In all likelihood, the A5 will also go into the iPhone 5. Shows the performance of the A5 vs. the A4 and the chipset in the Motorola Xoom...


    Turns out that the A5 has a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics processor in addition to the dual core CPU. That difference in fill rate is C-R-A-Z-Y!
  18. Most impressive, especially if it ends up in the iPhone 5.
  19. Any more news on the next iPhone? Aside from this missing one, I've heard nothing.
  20. Go to Apple rumor sites like MacRumors and AppleInsider. They have speculation about the next versions of iPad and iPhone on an almost daily basis. The most recent rumor is based on Chinese soft case designs that are supposedly for the iPhone 5 and would require the device to be wider and thinner than the current model. CNet is also running this rumor on their front page (just not as prominently as the prototype non-story). :D