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  1. If you're willing to jump to 3x Magenta Max. Just have your wife sign up for it... that's how you get around the 3 months, by changing the SSN/account holder. Jumping through hoops is the only way to get a cheap phone + plan. It's a chore.

    I used to use the old VZW unlimited grandfathered line as my home/portable internet. After like 18 months or so they sent me a letter saying they could no longer serve me as a customer and I had 30 days to get off their network!

    Years later, I tried to sign up to VZW again at a store. The system would error everytime that tried to put in my SSN and details. The rep didn't know why lol.
  2. The ios 14.5 update that features this came out on Monday! Have you tried it yet?

    If not, just update the os on your phone and watch. When done, go into your face id settings on your phone and enable it.

    Only requirements it needs to happen is your watch unlocked and near your phone
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  3. Nice! I just updated and tried it. Pretty smooth other than mask rules being relaxed yesterday!
  4. it's like the biggest quality of life change for me in like a looonnnnnnnnnnng time since i have to work with mask on
  5. Dude it works perfect, even better thought out than I expected. it's just that we're at the tail end of wearing masks. I hope.

    I'm WFH 90% of the time so it doesn't hit me on the daily. But next time I'm at the grocery story it'll be much less of a headache for sure.
  6. Anyone getting an AirTag?
  7. Okay... this is one of those products I just don't get...

    The only thing that I lose frequently are sunglasses and I won't be dangling one of these on them lol.
  8. I might get one to play with. I could see taping it to a TV remote or something.
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  9. Buying a $30 Apple product to track a $10 generic remote is the quintessential Apple experience!
  10. Maybe. We use something similar for keys and stuff that kind of sucks. So if this works well and carries incredible rechargeable battery power it might be worth it.

    I’d like to see them put it in the Apple TV remote first. Those things are so slim they get lost constantly.

  11. I was out and about for an extended time today. This feature is crazy good. Totally huge quality of life change good. I didn’t realize the extent because I rarely wear a mask for hours at a time.
  12. Confucius say, a remote is most valuable at the moment one realizes it is lost.
  13. T-Mobile is having a full $830 trade in now with iPhone 8 and newer. No new line needed. Grumble. Got a second phone but the first was still only $415 trade in.
  14. I think I'm almost completely sucked in to the ecosystem. I have the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods, and today I ordered a Macbook for the wife.
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    If you’re not going to be gaming, the M1 MacBooks are a no brainer. The M1 mops the floor with most of the notebook CPUs on the PC side and some of the M1 based MacBooks are fanless.
  16. I got the MacBook air m1 earlier in the year and it's ridiculous. I learned that blizzard ported wow to arm so I tried it out.

    it ran flawlessly. didn't even tax the system as the air is fanless and it didn't even get warm. can probably play the game for the full 18hr battery life.

    not many games can run natively in arm yet so this is really an isolated experience, but it goes to show a possible bright future for apple silicon in macs.
  17. I ordered the Air M1. I've never spent this much on a laptop but it really looks like an amazing system. Best Buy and Amazon have been selling these for as low as $800, but yesterday they both ran out of stock. I didn't want to take a chance on a complete inventory shortage before Christmas so I just ordered it from Costco. Got the AppleCare+ to go with it. Some say the SquareTrade option is better but it doesn't include 3 years of phone support.
  18. I also got the M1 Air earlier this year. Best in class, but possibly even best laptop you can get, in general.

    Don't trust the YouTuber's and get the 16GB Ram. Education discount (online only) or official refurbished store are where the Apple deals are.

    I'm not too impressed with the 2 new laptops. They added weight and reduced battery life. It's made for YouTubers because corporate professionals need USB-A ports. I have never used an SD Card in a professional capacity in my life.

    Also, after WFH, I don't believe in the "desktop replacement" laptop category anymore. I'd rather have a full fledged desktop I can remote into and use from an ultraportable with ridiculous battery life.
  19. After only 7 months I traded my iPhone 12 in for an iPhone 13. It kind of seems like a waste as I was totally happy with the 12, and the 13 is nothing special, but Best Buy and Tmobile are running a deal. It only cost me $86 and a few hours of my time to swap. No new lines needed.
  20. it actually is something special but in a way that apple never really advertises. this is similar from the xs to 11 jump.

    the iPhone 13 is a HUGE battery improvement over the 12. apple glosses over this in their unveilings generally for some reason but the benchmarks always show the results.


    also the camera finally has a macro mode.