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    it's not so much that they're cheaper, it's just that they keep many iphones active at the same time now. waaay more choice than you used to have

    iphone 13 pro max $1100
    iphone 13 $1000
    iphone 13 $800
    iphone 13 mini $700
    iphone 12 $700
    iphone 12 mini $600
    iphone se $400
    iphone 11 $550

    but yea, i only use that side button for apple pay on the watch. i think it pulls up app switching otherwise, but seriously, who is using their watch like that
  2. Dropping the wall charger was supposed reduce packing supplies and make the boxes smaller and thus save the planet. The problem is many people don't have a 20w USB C charger so they end up ordering one anyway. I would have liked some wired headphones as well, just as a backup, but Apple really wants you to pay the extra $130 for AirPods.

    Welcome to team #ea0a8e.
  3. pretty much everyone i know just used their old lightning cable and charger from their previous iphone. hell, i do the same for my charging at home. i just use usb-c charging when i travel.
  4. No. I mean Apple is a bunch of cheapskates. I like getting the free wired headphones every upgrade. It's a disposable product and a fresh pair is always nice.

    I'm a lot less miffed about the charger. I have so many Apple bricks already but another would still be nice.

    I'm going to go against the trend and say I actually prefer the lightening port/jack. It would be better if Apple could've done 40Gbps with it and used it as it's ubiquitious port across all platforms. It's exponentially stronger than USBC in weighted dangle capacity which is more important than anything else, imo.

  5. ah I see. I have no opinion on it since it doesn't effect me. I've been on iphones since 2015 so I have a bunch of chargers, cables, and earbuds that I gave away. but yeah, it would suck for new users that have nothing
  6. iOS 15.4 just came out yesterday and has face unlock working with mask on
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  7. I also got an alert about the Watch doing Apple Pay without button push... but couldn't get it to work lol
  8. @khaid did they disable the handwashing timer on the new watch software update? It stopped working for me and I actually really liked it.

    I thought it was so dumb at first but now I miss it lol.
  9. hmm not sure. i turn off all of those things on the watch
  10. But how did you know you were washing your hands long enough to get all the covid off?!?!
  11. Google finally killed my Hangouts plug-in. Bastards!
  12. What’s with Apple proprietary headphone tips? I managed to lose one on vacation and can’t get another. Bastards.
  13. jesus man. welcome to 2017?