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  1. Not sure what you mean by "still no HTML5". HTML5 standards are already in use, and iOS definitely supports them. Adobe has HTLM5 support built into their design applications as well.

    As for Flash "bolstering" Android market share, there isn't much evidence of that. It was only within the past year or so that Adobe delivered the "desktop experience" version of Flash to mobile, and now they've discontinued further development. Also, iOS experienced significant growth during the same time period without Flash, and not just on phones.

    I think Adobe simply realized that Flash didn't provide any advantages for them when it came to mobile browsers. It was a waste of resources.
  2. He means almost nothing on the internet supports html 5 yet, which is true.
  3. And what is the "almost nothing" comment actually based on? It can't be your own iOS browsing experience.
  4. Wife has an iPhone 4 and frequently complains that she encounters sites that don't work because flash isn't supported.
  5. How does that translate to "almost nothing" uses HTML5? Would your wife know when a site is using HTML5?
  6. Reports from last March said less than 1% of all websites were fully HTML5 compatible.
  7. I just went to ESPN, CNN, BBC News, Kotaku, Gametrailers, IGN, Gamespot, Joystiq, and a random porn site with my iPad. Gamespot and BBC News were the only ones where I received a "Flash Player needed" message for video, and Gamespot and BBC News both have apps for download (similar to Netflix).

    So, yes, you can certainly find sites that still provide Flash only for certain things through the browser, but that's diminishing very steadily. Adobe has software tools now that allow sites to very easily provide alternate formats to Flash for video, or to export other Flash elements to HTML5 compatible frameworks.
  8. suuuuuuuuuure.. we all know the priorities on a tablet.
  9. Does steaming in H.264 mean the site is using HTML5? H.264 has been around since 2003.
  10. The best porn site out there is xnxx, and that only supports flash that I know of.
  11. Nope. That one works as well.
  12. No, it doesn't necessarily mean that, but access to streaming video is the main reason the Flash vs. No Flash debate ever existed with mobile. Flash video was simply a proprietary wrapper added around H.264, and part of the reason Flash video didn't perform that well.
  13. Looks like I might get a new Nano. I still have an original 1st gen I use in the car.
  14. Put your conspiracy theory hat on man. Apple said that so you would purchase another product from them to replace your old one.
  15. @ alterego

    What’s the best virtual desktop solution for IOS? I need a product that can run a Windows interface and move seamlessly between 3G or 4G and wireless. A user would also need to be able to move from tablet to PC and continue their work. I was looking at Citrix but I think there are other solutions out there. It’d be bonus if it works on Android too.
  16. I can't really claim to know what's best, but Splashtop Remote Desktop seems to get a lot of good reviews, at least for individual use. I have no idea if it would really measure up to Citrix at the professional level.

  17. The music on that video is so relaxing. Favourited.
  18. I also use splashtop for windows, webos, and android. It works extremely well for basic purposes.
  19. Now alterego can have his very own Steve Jobs action figure.

  20. Here's the Google flagship action figure...