Apple 2016: iOS10 + iPhone7

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  1. For me Apple shouldn't be charging $9 for the headphone adapter, they should be putting it in the box. They will be saving money by not putting the component on board and forcing customers who don't want to buy wireless headphones to have to buy another peripheral is a bit ripe in my opinion.

    Then again, some idiots will fall for anything.

  2. They did put it in the box.

  3. Not sure what your complaining about. Apple wouldn't invent a problem without inventing the fix as well.

  4. Everything was in line with rumors. Kinda disappointed by 720/1080p but the overall iOS experience was enjoyable so I'll stick with it. Also, it seems Samsungs own batteries don't like being in a non-removable enclosure and blast their way out.

    I am surprised they called it iPhone7. Though for sure it would be 6 something and they would save 7 for the 10th anniversary.
  5. Specific to that consumer report, I'm not sure why two S7 Actives would fail, while the regular S7/Edge passed. Probably a design flaw on the Active.

    I watch a lot of destructibility tests on YouTube... what I've observed is that most modern phone should survive a drop in deep water if it's retrieved quickly. Waterproofing may give you extra minutes, but survival is a coin flip after 5.

    The IP67/68 Samsungs sometimes last for over an hour, but I've also seen them go bad in 5 minutes. The non-waterproof iPhone6/6s tests were about the same. Sometimes it lasts 30+ minutes without damage, other times it flakes within minutes.

    I still don't understand how these guys can afford to trash so many expensive phones....
  6. Apple has gone full retard. I suspect a lot of people will be sticking with or seeking out the 6S for the headphone jack.
  7. Right. Who's going to carry the adapter around all the time? An iPhone 6 gives you a choice between wired and bluetooth. The iPhone 7 takes that choice a way. That's a downgrade in my book. Maybe it helps with the water proofing but I've yet to drop a smart phone in the water. I do however have dozens of wired headphone that I keep in useful places for when I need them. I'm not going to replace them with expensive bluetooth headphones that sound like crap and need to be kept on a charger.
  8. lol at staying on older LTE radios over a headphone jack. Switch to a current gen Android if it's so important. The adapter would be permanently attached to wired headphones. You aren't going to carry it around separately.

    But their obsession with anorexic phones is annoying. I wouldn't mind slightly fatter with a bigger battery. Shrinking the bezel by redesigning the home button too. I expect a major overhaul for 10th anniversary.

    Oh and a goddamn notification light.
  9. i'll be getting the 7 on launch. i haven't used wired headphones/earbuds as primary sets in the last 6 years so that's a complete non-issue for me. i've used bluetooth all that time and nice wired headphones at home on the pc.

    I'm also extremely curious about the airpods. i'm probably gonna try those out too.
  10. The same people that buy wired headphones that require an adapter for the two different sizes of headphone jacks?

  11. According to this article those NPD number represent the increase in dollars from sales and not actual units. Actual units sold was only 17% of all headphones sales. That's closer to what I see at Amazon. 0 bluetooth headphones in the top 10 sales and only 7 made the top 100.
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  13. Have you used the regular Apple earbuds? It looks like the same basic design. I've always found the Apple headphones the most ill fitting and uncomfortable. But I do see a lot of people using them on jogging trails so maybe I have weird ears.
  14. Might want to try EarSkinz. I had issues with the EarPods falling out during exercise and that was an inexpensive solution that provided a better grip inside the ear. Plus, they're mailed from stoner land in Venice, CA…they mistakenly sent me two pairs and only charged for one.
  15. alterego is so predictable with his Apple cult member doublethink. Praising an obvious downgrade and loss of a major feature as an upgrade.
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    looks like i'm not getting an iphone 7 until november! that's the earliest available date for the jet black iphone 7 plus 128GB version.

    You know what? i haven't tried them yet. they're still sitting in the box now that i think about it.

    But to clarify, i wasn't curious about the fit or anything.. i was more curious about the performance. it'll be the first wireless bluetooth earbuds that i have purchased. i was eyeing the samsung gear icon x a while ago and the less than 3hr battery life really put me off. the ~5hr rating of the airpods look more enticing and it charges pretty quick. something like 15min of charging will get ~3hrs playtime.
  17. For mobile? Seems obvious that wireless is going to become the preferred choice with the improvements in bluetooth and battery life.