Apple Patent Trolling

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. For those who followed, Apple was successful in the filing against HTC in the US which could've potentially banned HTC's phones (specifically older ones). It was for a patent they had for mobile devices that made phone numbers a link so when you tap, it automatically takes you to the dialer. HTC announced they are already working on a workaround.

    And yesterday, the US patent organization awarded them a patent for in-call app switching.

    Broad description.. we'll see how it plays out.
  2. Is Apple offering this 'right' at all somehow? I'm pretty sure they won't allow iOS to be used on HTC devices, but would they at least license it? As I said before, Chuck Norris needs to get Apple's lawyer so he can sue the world for awesome.
  3. Apple goes straight for the kill while MS goes for the settlements. Samsung, HTC, and a few other companies have already settled with MS.
  4. Not only does HTC say that they already have a workaround, but also characterize it as a minor feature for users.

    Doesn't sound like a big deal...
  5. I swear my old Sony Ericsson from way back when had this function in SMS, where phonenumbers would take you to the dialer
  6. So did my old Sony Ericsson, but it wasn't a touch phone obviously, it just made it quick to select the number to use it in different ways (dial, send message, copy etc). Same thing essentially just that you had to still select the number via the d-pad.
  7. easy, have phone numbers be linked so they'll be entered into your address book and automatically called!