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    Is this going to be niche or will Apple bring watches back in style?

    They won't have any trouble making this the defacto smartphone watch to beat. But they do have to get people wearing watches in the first place.

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  2. I wear a watch. I only take it off when the battery dies and that can take years.
  3. I could see this going either way. Tablet computers were also niche products with a tiny market when Apple released the iPad, and now there's a huge market for them.
  4. It will succeed for the same reason the iPhone succeeded: there are a LOT more uses for it than people realize. For example, the ability of the watch to guide you to a location by using the haptic feedback alone is a very useful feature.

    For example, the haptic feedback for Apple's new MacBook trackpad makes it feel like the trackpad is clicking downwards…even though it isn't.

  5. My wife got me one of these for my birthday. It's the black stainless steel model. Target was giving away a $100 gift card with purchase of the watch. Will let you guys know how it is in actual use.
  6. I'd be interested to hear what you make of it. My wife is just about to get a new iPhone and I was wondering if a watch would go well with it.
  7. actual smartwatch usage is still bla. it's the fashion accessory factor that you're paying for. since cmdr's wife got the stainless steel (starts at $599) version, she did it right. imo, the band makes the watch. yes, i'm still a watch wearer (regular, not smartwatch) in this day in age.

    the fitness tracking feature of it is the only real usage part of it. other than that, checking notifications etc instead of taking your phone out of your pocket may not be really worth the money for you guys in the end.

    there's a healthy amount of 3rd party companies making fairly nice bands nowadays for the apple watch too. also, it uses an oled screen so the blacks on it are truly marvelous if you've never experience oled displays before.
  8. I'm really liking the watch but it feels more like a fashion accessory than an essential item like a smartphone. It relies on pairing with an iPhone for just about everything. If you don't own an iPhone, don't even bother.
  9. We're thinking of holding back until the next lot of iPhones now. Tried it in the shop and it seemed cool but a bit of a novelty for how my wife would use it. Maybe the next ones might add something else to tip us over.
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  11. I've been seeing a lot of these lately and I have to say that as a fashion accessory it's not that great. Even with the nice bands they just look odd. They're more akin to a fitness tracker than a watch. Of course most the ones I've seen have had empty black screens and then light up when alerts come in. I'm guessing keeping anything on the screen drains the battery.
  12. It's fugly as hell and no man should have a square watch face....

    Huawei has a slick iOS/Android compatible smartwatch. The AMOLED display supposedly goes 2 days as a clock.

  13. Quick, buy them all before they sell out.
  14. They look like the smartwatch equivalent of fake rolexes you buy from some shady dude on the street corner.

  15. It was actually pretty hard to find when my friend got one.... I only use watches at special events myself. Since I don't attend any LGBT functions an Apple watch is not for me.

    It's hard to see how elegant it truly is, until you see it next to the competition. Only one of these is a nice looking watch, regardless of tech.

  16. I've had one since April. My Mum got it for me as a birthday present.

    A week ago I got myself some third party straps for my watch because I don't have the £400+ I'd need if I bought the real ones from apple. These straps cost me £60 instead and look pretty much the same.

    Fake Milanese Loop

    Fake Link Bracelet
  17. That's what I'm saying...don't let those elegant watches pass you by. Buy as many as you can.
  18. No thanks... I wear watches when I lie to women. Wearing a smart watch, especially one called Huawei, seems counter productive.
  19. LOL! That's my look... though I like to pretend it's closer to this: