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  1. The funny thing about the Huawei is that nobody knows what to say about it other than it imitates a standard watch really well. I read some comments on one review where people were seriously arguing that the only killer app for a smart watch is the watch faces. Low bar...
  2. In my opinion the Apple watches don't look ugly but they also don't look like fasion. They look like a gadget on your wrist. I admit I was tempted by the sale prices but when I actually saw them in use I was like meh. Every one I saw had a dark black screen unlike all the pretty advertised images. I'm guessing keeping anything on the screen for very long drains the battery. What was worse was the random times they lit up. Everyone one in the room is going to take notice when a meeting reminder or text comes through. I actually found that to be annoying. A watch is typically facing other people more than it faces it's owner. I don't need to know when your wife wants you to pick up more cat food on the way home.
  3. Feature wise, don't all the smart watches basically do the same thing? The Huawei has built in WiFi and ability to run apps on the watch. That will be much faster than Bluetooth dependency of iWatch.
  4. Your love of elegance has blinded you to technological progress. I posted this two pages ago…
  5. You can set notifications so that they won't appear until you tap the watch face.
  6. Right. And from the user's standpoint they can do what ever they want but as an observer I can't slap them and tell them to change their settings. Most people realize when it's polite to silence their phones but I guess this is kind of new territory.
  7. I've had my apple watch series 1 since saturday and here are my thoughts. I can fucking order panera bread and chipotle on my watch. holy shit this is so 2016.

    on a serious note though, i have no practical use for it. my mom won a fitbit charge hr at work and gave it to me. also a bunch of my friends have a fitbit wearable too so we just run challenges through its own social network.. so the apple watch activity sharing has no use for my scenario.

    i can see myself using apple pay on the watch a lot once more places start using it in raleigh. the wallet is also super useful for quick access to scannable barcodes.

    replying to messages on it is actually a legit thing. obviously, voice recognition would be what you'd use if you wanted to give a full reply. for short replies, the watch gives you a list of selectable preset replies. there is also a scribble feature for you to write the letters out for your reply.

    the main thing i'll be using this thing for is music controls. especially since i plan on getting the airpods later when they launch as they have no music controls on them.

    battery life on it would be around 2 days for me before charging.
  8. So can you sleep track for one night on a charge? Do you have to nerf notifications to get that kinda battery life?

    I do wish quick replies worked pebble iOS but it's Android only at the moment.
  9. not really. I suppose if you get a shit ton of notifications during the day, it'll really effect the battery life but for me, it only nudges it a little bit.
  10. Maybe a week or so until the AirPods are available to order. Hopefully I can get an order in before the initial stock is gone.
  11. indeed. i'm praying it's not like the apple pencil situation.
  12. I decided to turn off the activity tracking and heartrate sensor and after exactly 24 hrs off of the charger, I have 70% battery left. pretty impressive
  13. Okay... I was wrong about the Apple Watch. The Series 6 is nice and a pretty useful device.

    - The always on display is nice. I didn't realize how important it was to me until I turned it off.
    - The bettery life is much much better than I expected.
    - Conveinently useful.

    - Daily charging.
    - Ugly Rectangle/Square.

    Battery Life:
    On the 40mm I was getting 24-30 hours on average. The 44mm gets me a easy 30-40 hours. This is with moderate use (hundreds of notifications, 60-90 minutes of talking right on the watch in short bursts, constant use of Siri). I don't use the GPS fitness stuff which probably helps for my battery life. I've never used any of the battery saving settings but I bet you could get the 44mm to 48hours.

    Fast Charging:
    About 42% in 15 minutes and 75% in 30 minutes. A quick top off will get you through the day, I never really charge to 100% in one shot because it'll take an additional 60 minutes.

    I will say I have bigger wrists. The 40mm looked comically small so I upgraded to the 44mm. The 44mm looks better on my wrist but the 40mm felt better on my hand. It was much lighter and I would forget I even had a watch on. The 44mm I definately feel and get annoyed with sometimes. The practical difference in screen size is negligable, you can see an extra full line of text but nothing life changing. I'll go for the smaller watch next time.

    It's ugly. The 40mm is less ugly as it's a more pronounced rectange. The 44mm looks more like a square so it's just terrible looking.

    Best feature is the wake up alarm on the Apple Watch. The haptic feedback to wake you up is so much better than loud alarm.

    Using Siri to run shortcuts or do pretty much anything is awesome. I actually don't use Siri on my phone much. But it's just so convienent to have it at your wrist. Paired with the "Raise to Talk" setting, I don't have to embaress myself by shouting "Hey Siri" at it either.

    I used to get notifcations on my Pebble Watch but to be able to act on them is amazing. Quick replies, long replies, getting siri to reply. It even works with unsupported apps like Signal and WhatsApp.

    Also my Pebble would constantly buzz on my wrist as I was texting with someone on my phone. The Apple Watch is smart enough to not notify me about anything happening while I'm using my phone. Very cool.

    The only inconvinent thing for me is Youtube Music isn't supported on the watch and that's my music app of choice.

    This is a waste of $10/mo lol
  14. Man, I think this watch was great because of the pandemic disruptions. As life starts to speed up and I'm getting more notifications the battery life has taken an enormous hit. I am getting through the day but it needs a top off before bed for sleep tracking before a longer top off in the morning.

    But i'm totally trapped by convenience.
  15. My wife has an old series 3 that she keeps telling me to use. I might have to give it a try.