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  1. Overall it seems a bit underwhelming. But my god their marketing team is best in business. They even hype mundane manufacturing details and it honestly sounds amazing. "Custom developed stainless steel precisely machined!!!"

    I've been wavering on holding out with the headphone jack on the 6s. Might take the plunge this year.

  2. I'm also stubbornly holding on to my 6S. This is the longest I have ever had a single smartphone model. Not sure if I'm ready to move on yet. We will see what kind of havoc is caused on it by iOS 12.
  3. Prices keep creeping higher. Eliminated the small 4.7 inch option. Meh. I do not like big phones and I do not like these prices. They can take the $1050 starting price of the XS Max, put a condom and some lube on it, and shove it up their asses.
  4. I would have considered something like the XR a few months ago when I was shopping but I'd never buy a $1100 XS Max.
  5. Excess MAX sounds like a name for a gigantic black dildo
  6. Longest I've held a phone as well. I keep trying bluetooth headphones but never get past the first charge....

    I've got a 32GB model and I have to constantly delete and reinstall apps to clear space. The battery is getting a bit weak too but I think they are required to replace it for $30 until December. If I could get a 128GB model for throwaway cash I think I'd be alright for another year.
  7. xs is funny cuz I just think extra small for clothing sizes
  8. The higher prices mask the fact that the upgrades have hit rock bottom. They've switched their model to sell fewer units at astronomical prices so they can continue to hit record earnings. Tim Cook now has the additional pressure of being a trillion dollar market cap company. It's going to be a very public fall if it happens.
  9. Pretty much. The iPhone 6S was to phones what the Core 2 Duo was to PCs. It was the moment where phones reached a point where they were good enough for what most people do with them. Unless they roll stuff into the OS to deliberately slow down older phones, people won't be upgrading as much from here on out, so they've jacked the prices up to compensate for lower sales volume.
  10. my xs max is coming in on friday while you poor folk can play on your ancient phones.
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    Did you get the 512GB version that costs more than a high-end PC or OLED TV at about $1550 after tax?

    Do you find that to be a reasonable price for something that will be thrown away in a year or two?
  12. You totally could have bought a 2004 Chrysler Sebring for that kind of money.
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  13. I can't hear you guys up here on my mountain of money
  14. I upgraded to the XR around Christmas. The BOGO deals were too hard to resist. Overall it's a good upgrade. I'm surprised by how easily I adjusted without the Home button. Like within an hour... it was no big deal at all. I never used 3D touch so I don't miss it. Also, the low screen resolution is highly overblown. You will not notice unless you have an XS side by side. The screen looks good by itself.

    I do get frustrated by no headphone jack a lot. I have dozens of wired headphones everywhere but only one BT set. I hate having to run up and down stairs to constantly find that particular set when I have so many other options nearby. I've just started using my 6S on WiFi to listen to music.


  15. Got the wife the XR before Christmas. It was basically free after I traded my Edge 7, which was collecting dust, and sold her iPhone 8. She didn't need the upgraded but she always regretted going with the smaller 8 screen.
  16. The XR looks fine for what most people need out of a phone. I’ve been perfectly happy with my 8. I probably won’t upgrade until it breaks. I prefer smaller phones and it’s looking like the 8 may be Apple’s last small phone.
  17. I’m the exact opposite. The small 8 feels like a relief after lugging around a heavy, huge, impractical iPhone 6 Plus. I despise big phones. I really hope this big phone trend ends at some point. The technology feels like it’s regressing towards 1980s brick cell phones.
  18. it won't go small again. the iPhone x/xs are the same size as the non plus iPhones and they have a bigger screen due to a bezeless edge to edge design.

    they keep getting bigger since thats actually what a majority of the users request as they move to their mobile devices to do everything now.

    barely anyone uses their laptops or desktops to do things at home unless it's some work stuff. it's a strange culture to me too. they'd sit on their phone and watch YouTube and netflix even though there's 5000 other ways to do it at home.
  19. I have so many better options at home than a phone. Portability and ergonomics are what I want out of a phone. I want something that fits nicely in my pocket, that I can hold up to my face to talk, and that I can use one handed. Big phones suck for all of those things. I guess I’m getting old and I’m out of step with the world these days.
  20. Dude... that is what Khaid just said...

    The Plus models were an after-though product to cash in the Samsung Note crowd. These new phones are designed to be edge to edge. The iPhone X or iPhone XS are the same size as your iPhone 8.