APU Wut?

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by bfun, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. We need a new APU hardware discussion title. Any recommendations? It should be similar to CPU Center and GPU Jungle.

    A few ideas of my ideas.

    APU Anarchy
    APU Academy
    APU Alley
    APU Axis of Evil

  2. I've heard this one is good.

  3. Wut???
  4. APU ThankYouComeAgain
  5. This needs to be promoted.

    Were you actually looking to make a thread title? Might be better using the word audio in there. Some people might not know what APU stands for.
  6. APU Anatomy
    APU Autonomy
    APU Planet
    Planet of the APU

    In a few years, every CPU will be an APU.
  7. Agreed but I'm not sure what the future will hold for GPUs. Low-end and mid-range cards might become obsolete in the next few years. The high end stuff will still be needed but prices might rise to cover the losses in mid-range sales.
  8. GPUs won't just vanish. Intel can't do proper graphics to save their lives. Their stuff is absolutely worthless for gaming and that's not going to change. There will still be a market for standalone GPUs.
  9. Low-end cards will vanish soon. High-end will eventually be replaced by external boxes.
  10. The new Llano APU benches near a Radeon 5570 which is a $65 card. Would that be near mid level?
  11. With Llano you can crossfire the APU with a low-mid end GPU, so I don't see those going away. Anything below what the current APU's can do will likely vanish though.
  12. There's already practically no discussion in the CPU and GPU sections. Do we really need another useless/abandoned section?
  13. APU abomination

    But on the issue of if we should or not I think so! Even if it's never frequented, PvC should remain a PC AND Console site. Just my 2 cents, but I enjoy the infrequent threads we get in there. I don't go here just to talk to limey brits... though that seems to be the fad of the day :/

    Besides it'd be great to eliminate the two "needless" sections into one someday right? One IS better than two :| at least in this case. Maybe it should be called Product SKUs Symposium or something. That way it can include CPU, GPU, Console graphics engines, just about anything HW related!