Are Liberals Socialist or Communist?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I read on the Internet that liberals are socialist and communist. Well they can't be both. That would be stupid. If I had to pick I'd say they were communist.
  2. Are conservatives closet Hitlers or open Pol-Pots? I think they're big meanies either way and are more than likely sociopathic.
  3. Liberals are progressive and Conservatives are regressive. Liberals look to the future for solutions while Conservatives look to the past. Liberals are populist. Conservatives are elitist.
  4. Liberals can't possibly be communist. Communism calls for a wageless work force, but Liberals keep raising the minimum wage. That is kind of like opposites.

    Socialism, on the other hand, is kind of awesome. I like public land and fire departments.
  5. Really? I thought communist all got paid the same which is similar to the minimum wage.

    Socialism seems like an interesting idea. Don't know much about it.
  6. I just tried this political compass quiz and ended up scoring similarly to how they rated Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. I guess I'm definitely a lefty.

    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to George W. Bush according to their graph. Thank goodness for that.

    Regarding socialism or communism, I suppose I'd prefer elements of socialism, although certainly I wouldn't want a pure socialist government.
  7. Socialism is pretty nice. Basically while we were in a pissing contest with the Soviet Union, the rest of the industrialized world realized that pure Communism and Laissez Faire Capitalism don't work, and went with something in the middle with the best elements of both.
  8. I think I was closest to the Dalai Lama as well. That thing is stoopid.
  9. When I took that test in the past I was very liberal and somewhat to the left. It's interesting to see what responses you need to make to be similar to the right wing authoritarian nutjobs. I'm sure someone still had me beat when I answered with what I deemed to be the most selfish and downright evil responses I could think of.
  10. I just had a go and I scored more towards the bottom left than Nelson Mandela or the Dalai Lama.

    It was odd, some of the statements I saw made me anger and I immeadiately picked strongly dissagre and I thought how could anyone with half a brain agree with them. Then it occured to me that there would have to be some people, the right-winged authoritarians, who'd wholy agree and it made me realise just how alien their understanding of the world is to mine.
  11. I'd be curious to see where roguee, EM, and Alex would be. And which historical figures would line up with their beliefs.
  12. We don't have capitalism in America, we are socialists. The catch is the "public" beneficiaries in our socialism is Goldman Sachs & Co. All our socialism is for the good of the corporate public, not citizens.

    Citizens are told lies about the prosperity of capitalism, while all these corporations bleed our socialist government dry. It is pretty much open knowledge that Goldman Sachs runs the US government. The fucking CIA and KGB could learn a thing or two about infiltrating governments from them.
  13. Yeah, pretty much. Republicans have this ridiculous double standard where they're all about socialism when it comes to bailing out crooked financial institutions and megacorps that have run themselves into the ground with their own short-sighted greed. But screw you commies for wanting jobs, healthcare, and better schools. That would make us like Stalinist Russia!