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  1. This will be a place for PC hardware/software questions and troubleshooting.
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    You know, I actually had a legit question for this thread Sunday when the site end down.

    Was that a good deal? If so do I just need memory, mouse, kb? The cpu comes with fan and paste right?
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    I'd say it's a good deal. And yes, you'll get a stock AMD heatsink/fan with preapplied thermal tape. You'll also need an SSD or HDD and a power supply. Luckily it looks like that case takes a standard ATX power supply. I would get something modular since the case will be cramped.

    Intel may be dominating at the high-end, but AMD is still a better way to go on a tight budget or for an HTPC. I'm a big fan of their APUs. On the CPU side that benchmarks similarly to a faster Core 2 or older Core i3, and the built in Radeon should be better than Intel HD graphics. If your plan is to hook it up to a TV with HDMI and run XBMC, it should be a good setup for that.
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    Doesn't the noobish thread have to be named after a noob?
  5. I renamed it after the noobest of the noobs.
  6. Harsh but fair. Or maybe just fair.
  7. I am perfectly fine with this. There's truth in this art.
  8. Alright nerds, I need your help.

    I want to know if it's possible to capture gameplay from a PS1 using a Hauppauge HDPVR 2 Gaming Edition but I can't seem to find any decent guides regarding it. What I have found is that some people say they're having issues recording such as the capture card shutting off after a couple of seconds with a "No signal" message coming up. I'm pretty sure one of you guys will know of a place where the answer can be found.
  9. I have had a look at the pics and the specs and it says it has composite in but it only has a little block connector so I guess that means it has an adapter block that sticks out if you choose to use it.

    Get an AV out lead for the PS1 that gives you composite (yellow, red and white) connectors and use that?*

    This is based on the assumption that this is the connector you get with the thing.

    EDIT: Found this on the FAQ, should be exactly the same and proves it has the yellow, white and red inputs.
    Was the UK PS1 576i rather than 480i? If it was this may be the only thing that gives the thing issues as not sure if it supports this format.
  10. Yeah that all sounds about right. I'm sure I know how to connect it, I'm just a little concerned it won't actually be able to capture the video. We'll find out soon.
  11. Can't you just play it in your ps3 and record through that?
  12. I don't want to play it on an emulator. Got to be the genuine article.
  13. Will a DisplayPort -> HDMI adapter do audio along with the video?
  14. It can if you have displayport with sound. Otherwise it will just be video. I know my Thinkpad T440p for instance has a minidisplayport with sound that can be adapted to HDMI and carry audio.
  15. Running the restoration fix on my 840 EVO, not that it was running slow but thought it best to.
  16. I just found these whilst clearing out some old shite in my office. I am never going to use them again but I can't bring myself to throw them out..

    Does that make me a hoarder?

  17. I'm thinking I may dump my 780 Ti for an 8GB 980 when those become available in a month or two. The conclusion I've come to about the 780/780Ti is that these are really, really fast cards from a processing perspective that are crippled by their lack of memory relative to the new consoles. And considering what they cost they never should have shipped with anything less than 6GB VRAM.
  18. The prices per performance have always been anything but reasonable. Before the 290X was released the 780GTX was $650 and the original Titan was $1000. Without competition we'll get served whatever they want for whatever price.
  19. Pretty much. And at least last time around AMD had the 290/290X. AMD has no answer to Maxwell. I'm not even reading anything about rumors of an answer to Maxwell.

    Things have practically gone back to the way they were in the late 90s/very early 2000s where nVidia had no real competition from ATI and 3dFX was dying/dead, and they would sell overpriced, intentionally crippled cards so that they could sell you another overpriced card again the next year.

    The 780 cards all should have had 6GB VRAM, and the 970 and 980 should have launched with 8GB VRAM. After seeing the VRAM requirements for Shadow of Mordor, Evil Within, and Watch Dogs, I wouldn't buy a new card with less than 8GB. Upcoming multiplatform games are going to need that much due to poor optimization. The PS4 has 8GB 256-bit GDDR5 and only costs $400, so there's absolutely no reason these high-end expensive cards shouldn't be shipping with at least that much considering what they cost. nVidia is intentionally shipping them with too little VRAM to make more money. They want to sell you an expensive processing monster of a card that's hamstrung by lack of memory so you'll need to buy a new card again in a year. Whereas if the 780 cards had shipped with 6GB VRAM, they would have been fine for this entire generation of games, which is not desireable for nvidia as they want people constantly buying new cards. No meaningful competition = planned obsolescence.
  20. I think the problem with 6GB is it's hard to justify the extra cost when most games wont use it.

    Here is an interesting article on Shadow of Mordor. It allows you to zoom in on different graphics settings. I'm having a hard time telling the difference between the Ultra HD and High.