Armadeadn's n00bish PC Questions

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. I wouldn’t call it a slick deal but it’s priced about right which is rare right now.
  2. I think @Grim led me to something about PCIe lanes on another post. With Threadripper I can have 4 GPUs for virutalization. Not that I absolutely need it but it makes the Ryzen 16 cores a bit lame in comparison for $800.
  3. You can buy Threadripper Pro now which has 128 lanes if you're feeling flush.

    I think Intel upgraded Rocket Lake to 20 lanes from the CPU to match Ryzen now but you need a small power plant in your house to run it.
  4. AMD Zen 3 Threadripper 5000 coming in August.
  5. I've been having some weird mouse issues for a few weeks. My mouse would freeze for 1/2 a second every 15 seconds or so. I assumed it was a windows issues with some background process but it turns out my mouse does not like USB 3.0. I think it's some kind of power saving feature in 3.0 not supported by the mouse. It works fine on USB 2.0.

  6. Looks like the 11900k is a bit of a turd. Intel managed to release a new flagship that is worse than the last gen flagship in most every benchmark. The 11600k looks pretty good although it has double the power consumption of the 5600X.
  7. Intel need and have needed to get to 10nm or beyond for a while now. They are so far behind AMD now in Desktop, HEDT and Server CPU design, overall performance and performance per watt. And now that Apple have gone full ARM with the M1 and the impending nVidia takeover coming along with their own server space ARM CPUs being announced, it isn't going to get any easier for them in terms of competition.