Armadeadn's n00bish PC Questions

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  1. Seems like my Laptop keyboard is fucked once again. This time due to condensation which also nearly ruined the laptop itself. It's working now but a few keys here and there are not working but luckily I have my trusty back up PC keyboard for situations like this.

    Last time it was keys typing on their own and this time there is keys not working. Will they eventually maybe dry out and work or is it wish fall thinking. Not willing to get if fixed as money is tight for me at the moment and I need to get the left hinge sorted and a new back plate as well as it pushed and ripped it off. I have the worst luck ever lately.
  2. So my HTPC hard drive crashed and died earlier this week. Not really a surprise, it had been clicking on and off for 2 months now. I was too lazy to do anything about it.

    I have a laptop with bad motherboard but working 500gb drive. I plugged it into the PC but it will instantly blue screen, every once in awhile repair runs and fails. I think I need to reinstall windows 7..

    I only have windows 7 on CD. No optical drive in PC. Laptop optical drive not compatible with PC. Laptop doesn't work.

    Best options in order of priority: lazy, cheap, timely.
  3. You need an iso and windows 7 dvd/usb tool. Which version of Windows 7 is it? I can send you an iso if you need one.

    Also if you have the money and you're mostly just streaming to that PC and not storing anything locally, consider switching to a 120/128GB SSD. You can get one now for around $70. I have one in my HTPC and I like that the PC is basically instant on from a cold boot.
  4. Well I've just checked into a hotel and about to order Chinese food. I'll look into this Monday, was thinking about a SSD myself. Wasn't sure if it was worth it for streaming/XBMC.
  5. Yeah you think about it more after you come out of your food coma.
  6. We went out for a Chinese last night. I woke up so dehydrated in the night and this morning I think my water level was so low my brain shrunk as I felt hung-over but didn't drink any alcohol.
  7. Did you not drink anything during the day?

    Maybe you had a reaction to msg? Binge on mushrooms tomorrow and let us know how you get on
  8. Grim, do you have an idea how much a repair shop would charge for a new laptop keyboard(Cost me £50 for it and the work done last time but that shop is gone) left hinge and a replacement of the bottom part of the laptop cover?
  9. No idea if I am honest, be so much cheaper to buy the keyboard and do yourself. If you are worried put your laptop model + keyboard replace into YouTube so that you can see if you feel capable first.
  10. Laptop keyboards are around $15, hinges are a few dollars each, and usually large parts of the case are $20-30.

    What is the laptop brand and model?
  11. Lenovo and dunno I will check the model tomorrow, but I have no idea what I would be doing. The area around of below the left hinge I had to rip off because the hinge was breaking it and the area near my power switch when opening and shutting.

    Cheaper and doing it in my own time would be better I guess but I wouldnt want to fuck it up. Under £50 for the lot to do it myself would be good though..
  12. Looked and its a lenovo g570. Model name 4334.

    Its three years old but its still got a ton left in it and im not fussed on upgrading at the moment as it does everything I need except top graphics capabilities. Ill post up a picture od the hinge area tomorrow for advice.
  13. It's not as hard as it looks... just work slowly and don't apply too much pressure. Apparently, that model has a well known hinge issue, with a bunch of fix videos:

  14. How easy is it to clean a laptop internally? My laptop has been over heating recently while trying to render videos etc. I've had it about 18 months so I guess it's due a clear out, but I've never done it before. Is it as simple as unscrewing the bottom and removing it or do I risk permanently fucking it up if it do that?
  15. It usually is that simple.

    Sometimes you will need to take the keyboard off as they tend to hide a couple of screws to the case under there but it really should come off with no more than 10 screws. If you have a can of compressed air I recommend that, it will blow everything from the board and heat sinks. I wouldn't recommend sticking a vacuum pipe directly on the board in case it shorts something but by all means hold it above the system when you spray it to catch all of the dust.
  16. Mine could do with a Clean as well i guess since it never has.
  17. My PC got the BSOD twice the other day. It was funny because the Windows 8 blue screen is goofy looking. I don't remember what I was doing but considering how old my rig has become and how much moving I've done in the last few years, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a hardware issue that's going to require replacing something. If it is, I'll probably just scrap my entire tower rather than put any money into it. I'm almost exclusively using my MacBook Air now. My PC only gets turned used for torrents and encoding, which is rare these days.

    More of a philosophy question, but this was originally the PC you guys helped me build on the original forum like six or seven years ago in my n00b thread, but all that is original is the case. At what point, if you replace parts individually over time, does it become a new PC?
  18. for me, if I'm replacing the mobo and cpu, it's a new pc.
  19. I tried to vacuum my work laptop once. Bad idea. I had to have a new laptop shipped to me the next day.
  20. Ha! My current HTPC is also a forum build from ~6 years ago. It started BSOD'ing regularly since September because the hard drive was going bad. The drive finally died last week... but it ran like a champ until then. Other than that, most of the case fans have stopped working over the years and I've had to replace the PSU after a hurricane.

    Not a bad run. It should be cheap to get running again anyway.

    Motherboard pretty much triggers so many upgrades it's practically new. Plus mine is DDR2 memory, which for some reason is worth more than gold. If that went, I'd be forced to trash it.