Armadeadn's n00bish PC Questions

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  1. The newer Mac minis use soldered ram. The cheapest one with 8GB is $700. Does he need a new monitor too? Maybe he should just go for the base model iMac.
  2. Stupid question... Can I throw a PC in the dumpster or does it need some other method of disposal?
  3. In the UK its classed as hazardous waste. Should send it off for recycling really, reclaim all those precious metals.
  4. Put it on the street corner on trash day. It will be gone in under 10 minutes.
  5. It's illegal to toss it in our state. Waste management wont pick it up if they see it. Goodwill takes old PCs. Destroy the hard drive yourself.
  6. Where I live there are roving bands of dumpster divers who go around in trucks looking for valuable trash on trash day. I guess our trash people would pick it up, but a computer would never last that long. I've put computers out before and they were always gone before the garbage men arrived.
  7. Picked up a Logitech g710+ that uses Cherry MX Brown switches. I think the browns are probably what the vast majority of people should go with. They're as quiet as dome switches, but they feel like mechanical keys. Great if you like the feel of mechanical keyboards, but don't want something that sounds like a machine gun. I had a Razer keyboard with Cherry MX Blues, but ended up giving it away because it was too loud.

    Also, Best Buy's newish policy of price matching Amazon and Newegg is really nice, and makes them somewhat relevant again if you need something immediately or you're buying something that could be hit or miss, like a keyboard.
  8. I had the Corsair Vengeance K90 with the "gaming" reds. Not the loudest but still too loud for me.
  9. The noise level on the browns is about the same as your average dome keyboard. The G710+ is actually a good deal quieter than the MS Natural I was using, which had dome switches.

    I didn't end up liking the Cherry MX Blues at all in the long run. They're way too loud. Also they have too much resistance. They felt very harsh to type on. They also require too much force for gaming.
  10. Gah. My 480 GB SSD is done for. What should I do? I can get a Samsung 850 512GB for $177 or a 480 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro for $200. The Sandisk is smaller and more expensive but it's comparable to the 850 Pro version and has a 10 year warranty. The other option is I just use my Sammy 830 256 and wait. It seems like prices are falling fast.
  11. I would hang tight and just use the old SSD. Enormous capacities and mainstream pci express SSDs are right around the corner. I expect SSDs to fully replace mechanical hard drives in the next couple of years, even for mass storage.
  12. Come to think of it, this is still under warranty. I'll open a case next Monday and see where it gets me.
  13. So MS now requires a key to download Windows 7 and they don't take OEM keys. What a pain. I wiped a drive on a Dell and I'm trying to put the OS back on. Dell wont send a disk because the system is out of warranty. Anyone know where I can get a trustworthy Win 7 Home premium ISO?
  14. Don't you have any Dell systems at work? Any Dell OEM disk will work as long as it is same version of windows. Even pro will work on a system that came with home.

    OEM key is stored in BIOS so you don't need to enter or activate, just works.
  15. No. It's a home PC someone gave me but I do have another Dell machine without a disk with the same version of Windows. I wonder if I can make a boot disk from that.


    That worked. It added the other PC product key to the iso so I had to change it.
  16. Seem to be making all sorts of silly network issues lately :|

    Set up a trunk channel (link aggregation 802.3ad) and Veeam started throwing up network issues and dropping connectivity to the backup store.. Managed to plug one of the cables into the wrong port on the switch causing the server to go missing for a few ms here and there.. Amateur...
  17. You wiped the recovery partition too?
  18. Well I used PartedMagic and I don't recall there being more than one partition on the drive. Maybe when I used the secure wipe it didn't give me the option to select partitions.
  19. The HDD in my laptop is knackered and needs replacing. Anyone got any good suggestions? I'm looking for 2TB. An SSD is out of the question given their ridiculous price. I'm guessing you'll need more info such as bay size or whatever. I can get that info later. I've been looking at some 2TB HDDs on Amazon but people keep saying to use them for media storage rather than use them as a main drive.
  20. Pretty sure you're way overthinking... any reasonably priced 2.5" 2TB HDD will do.

    If you want something that will last a decade, I would recommend Western Digital Black (7200rpm) or Blue (5400rpm). But not sure if it's worth the money for an old laptop.