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    That monitor will be perfectly fine. Getting something newer wouldn't give you anything much better.

    Some newer monitors have higher refresh rates (eg 165hz, 240hz). Side by side testing shows people can rarely tell the difference.
  2. Never ever go to buy a monitor in person. Always buy online. I made up my mind to go with that 32” in the last post.

    But they kept it way in the back past so many better monitors. I got upsold like a sap.

    Anyway I ended up getting an LG 34” ultra-wide with a 144hz refresh. And the 43” 4K LG monitor too.

    So yeah... is a X5500XT decent enough for productivity output for both of those?

    I’ll probably break them off into 2 PCs. Gaming plus productivity in the long run.
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    For productivity yes. For gaming it depends on what you play. The 5500XT is about on par with a 1060, 970 or 980, vanilla 1660, 1650 Super, or RX 480 or 580 depending on the game (crowded segment with lots of similarly performing cards). Looking at any of those cards will give you some idea of what to expect. It’s a decent midrange 1080p esports type card. Many games will run perfectly fine. You will probably even be able to max out lower spec or better optimized games at that ultrawide resolution like CSGO or Fortnite. It will choke on more demanding games though.
  4. I haven’t done PC gaming in awhile. The PC I connected the 4K monitor to has a Radeon R200 and it wouldn’t output 4K. I’m gonna put the 5500XT on it just to setup and use the monitor for work stuff. It is about the size of 4x 22” 1080p.

    I’m gonna build a capable gaming PC for the widescreen 1440 monitor in the next quarter. I have a preference for AMD CPU and GPU but it looks like nVidia is still dominating GPUs. Might wait for a worthy AMD card.
  5. that sounds ancient. your problem was mostly that it didn't have the proper video output ports for 4k.
  6. So the LG 34” ultrawide came with a defective screen....

    It was a $900 monitor so I’m not sure if it’s a blessing in disguise lol. I might just get something cheaper.

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    That’s one of the things that sucks about monitor and TV shopping. It’s common to get duds that have stuck pixels, backlight bleed, pressure spots, lines of stuck pixels, or that are just straight up broken. Stick to places like Amazon, Costco, Microcenter, and Best Buy that have easy returns. Newegg can be a real pain. They will usually do the right thing, but you often have to beg and plead with them which is annoying. They’ve been sucking in recent years since the Chinese bought a controlling stake in the company. I’d steer clear of them for monitor shopping unless they are running a crazy deal.
  8. The cheapskate in me is looking to use this as hands on research lol. I have a little bit of time before I need to return it. I'm trying to see what kind of stuff I can live without.

    I've already been unable to get it to 144hz. It runs at 120hz and frankly I don't know or visually see what that means, day to day wise. Also, 1440p videos don't fill the screen. I still get black bars > 16:9. @khaid is there a fix for that?.

    The picture quality is really really good. I'm betting a cheaper monitor won't look as good.

    Microcenter has a 34" MSI 100hz for only $380 that's really tempting.
  9. with the high frequency, you won't see too much day to day if you're just doing media consumption and web browsing. i don't know why people are dead set on it for our mobile devices too.

    your problem with the videos isn't the resolution. it's the aspect ratio. people are clueless on how to process their videos properly. even within the same studio

    thor ragnarok (proper):

    avengers endgame (improper):
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    It means motion looks a little smoother in some games. And even there it's subtle. I noticed the difference in CSGO. But it wasn't huge and it didn't make me play any better. High refresh rate is a bit blown out of proportion in my opinion. I'm actually not willing to pay much of a premium for it. It makes zero difference in day to day use just doing productivity stuff or watching videos. I (briefly) owned a 144hz monitor and returned it because like you my reaction was "meh." I always laugh when nerds get a boner and bust a nut over it. Totally blown out of proportion and not a reason to upgrade by itself or pay any huge amount of money extra. I bet your average console playing dudebro wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.
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  11. I don't think higher refresh alone does anything for me but when paired with adaptive refresh rate it can make a big difference in games. I think at this point it might be hard for me to go back to a constant refresh rate. I never notice screen tearing until I switched back and forth between the two in Shadow of War. Maybe ignorance is bliss. No sync has tearing, v-sync has judder, g-sync is smooth. Also, despite advertising, most VA panels are, pixel transition speed, limited to 120Hz. 144hz is not achievable even if the monitor says so. Not sure how fast IPS limits but TN can be super fast.

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  12. @bfun I got a IPS curved 144hz with Freesync 2. Is G-Sync smoother than Freesync? I've always had a preference for AMD.

    I didn't realize the difference would primarily be in gaming. I'm not really the type to pay for a video card that could do 144 FPS in new games.

    I swear I saw prominent YT'er talking about how 144hz on a laptop was amazing for regular Windows 10 use. I kept moving my mouse super fast to see if it was smooth. It kinda looks it but it could be placebo. Certainly not worth the $300 price increase lol from like 75-100hz.

    @khaid that is a goddamn shame. I kinda expected LG to have a quick in monitor/software solution to adapt 1.75:1 or 2:35:1. The 43" 4k monitor is also an LG and it came with a cool remote. I kinda hate not having that for the 34".
  13. Freesync works with most video cards, even Nvidia cards, but G-sync only works with Nvidia. A few years ago G-sync was better than Freesync 1 at < 30fps. Maybe it still is but G-Sync can also adds another $200 to $300 to the cost of the monitor.
  14. it's not really worth mentioning but there's also g-sync compatible monitors which is done through drivers. they meet the criteria for the strict g-sync requirements, but don't include the nvidia hardware for it.


    I recently got the new shield tv 2019 that boasts the ai upscaling feature which a ton of people said was amazing. i'm thoroughly disappointed.. i can barely see a difference.
  15. So I downgraded from the LG to an AOC 34" ultra-wide. It has the same specs except it's a VA panel. When they were both on for a few minutes, the AOC looked like a huge downgraded (and it is). But now 2 days later, I can't even tell the difference. Wasn't worth the extra $500 for sure, in my opinion.

    It seems like the "best" monitors are the Predator 35" ultra-wide with HDR 1000. But they cost over $2000 now. I think I'd rather wait until that tech comes down to sub $1000 versus the LG at $900.
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    Currently having a small annoying issue with my new gaming laptop. Basically I'll play a PC or an emulator for 2 hours then I randomally start getting fps stuttering for no reason and the only way to fix it is to restart the system and then it runs fine again.

    It's happend a lot on Gears of War 4 pc and the cemu wii-U emu but it never happens on the PS3 rpsc3 emu since I turned off windows game mode. I have a 10th gen i7 cpu, 32gb ram and rtx 2060 gpu so it shouldn't be happening. I raise the laptop on something for proper ventilation as well so it can't be over heating.

    Any ideas?

  17. Those are great specs, especially for a laptop. The way it's happening once the thing is hot and stressed makes me lean towards overheating or hardware failure. Is it still under warranty?
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    It's only 3 weeks old so it should be still and I got it custom built. The temperatures of both cpu and gpu wernt running too hot when I checked them yesterday while it was running Gears 4.

    I read the windows game bar and DVR could be a reason of the stutters so I will turn off all the recording settings later see if that helps. Will a cooling pad help as well as thinking of getting one.

    Edit: Windows game mode was on for some reason when I was messing around with Windows game bar. It was the hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling setting I had thought was windows game mode. Hopefully this was the reason for the stuttering as I have read.

  19. Yo @Phisix! It's been a long time. What kind of laptop did you get?
  20. Hey mate! Just got a custom gaming laptop from PC Specialist. Called a optimus XI which I never heard of before but it's a beast.