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  1. lol did we all just get gaming laptops at the same time? I just bought a Thinkpad X1 Extreme, which is the gaming version of the X1 Carbon.
  2. I think we did haha. Got it just in time for all those free epic game games as well.

    I also have a PS5 and Switch so I basically have access to all system games now which is nice.

    What specs you running?

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    Laptop: i7 10750H, 32GB RAM, GTX 1650 Ti, 512GB SSD
    Desktop: i7 4770K, 32GB RAM, GTX 1070, 2 x 1TB SSD

    I don't have super amazing specs these days. And I have very little time to play games. But I still buy them when they're cheap during Steam sales or grab them when Epic is giving them away figuring maybe I'll get to them some day. My Steam backlog is ridiculous. Even if I had time to play it would take years to get caught up.
  4. Same Laptop CPU as mine unless there are different versions. I got a 1tb m.2 SSD in mine as which is a major upgrade to my last vnand one in my old laptop.

  5. My Son is enjoying his gaming laptop. He's totally turned into a PC fan boy. Not sure if that's good or bad yet.
  6. What games is he playing?

  7. Roblox
  8. No Fortnite then lol

  9. He was playing that on the PS4 but I think he's done with it.
  10. Alright... don't judge me but I have some questions that may not make sense but need answering!

    Is this a good price for the CPU? Or is it high pandemic pricing?

    Is there a Intel motherboard that will support 3-4 video cards without compromise? I keep seeing documentation that x16 drops to x8 when multiple cards are connected but I don't know what that means real world.

    Ideally I'd like to find an Intel motherboard that supports the iGPU plus 3-4 more video cards and 128GB memory. M2 SSD would be great but I can compromise on it.
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    That CPU won't drive 4 cards at full speed in reality. The chip itself only has 16 PCI-E lanes, you'll get some from the chipset but they will be slower and things like the M.2 SSDs and network etc will need some.

    The Ryzen chips have 24 lanes and then Threadripper has 88 and Threadripper Pro 128 like the Epyc chips. Xeon gives you about 64 lanes I think.

    What do you need all of that GPU compute for? If it is mining then you can probably run the GPUs on slower PCI-E links as it's just to transfer the data and all the crunching actually happens on the cards but if you need the cards for actual video then you'll want more. On the Intel chip if you had 4 cards, in reality they'll get 4x PCI-E gen 3 lanes for each card. If you did it on newer Ryzen that would be PCI-E gen 4 so they would have double the bandwidth over the Intel board with the same amount of lanes. You can buy risers to change smaller sockets into full size ones.
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  12. Thanks! I'm kinda bored and flush with cash from work from home savings. I thought it might be a cool project I saw on LTT. He has this powerful server that he splits into Virtual PC's for himself, his wife, and kids.

    But I think he did use a Threadripper... and also he gets all his stuff for free.. It's not practical for us regular folk and I'm definately not flush with Threadripper cash lol

    Just for kicks, the reason I was thinking Intel was because with AMD you'll have to burn a video card just for the "main" VM OS (ESX, Unraid, Linux). Wheras intel's got their integrated graphics. But reading your post I realized I'd be in way over my head. I guess those 10 minute videos are entertaining for a reason, he must leave A LOT out.

  13. People being bored and flushed with cash is why GPUs are out of stock. I suggest you buy a hot tub or maybe a salt water aquarium.
  14. eeks. dunno about that. those shits require maintenance even after he gets bored with them
  15. My neighbor had a hot tub that he tried to give me. He stopped using it and was tired of doing maintenance on it. We didn't want it. He ended up smashing it and dragging the parts out to the trash.
  16. I think hot tubs fall into a generational divide between Gen X and Millenials. We're the HOA generation that pays people to do routine home maintenance because lawnmowning and hedge trimming sucks balls. I'm not gonna buy a glorified outdoor bathtub that's the prime target of supernational serial killers.
  17. a group of Karens is called an HOA
  18. HOAs can be good or bad depending on where you live. Sometimes they make your landscaping and cable TV and internet so cheap that even though you pay them an HOA fee you end up saving money overall.
  19. So with new PC parts being scalped I've been trolling ebay for good deals on old PC's... this actually feels like a slickdeal, no?

    $1600 shipped...

    128GB CORSAIR D4 2200 C16BSLT Memory
  20. I'm not too familiar with Threadripper so I'm not sure if that's a deal or not. If I was going to spend that kind of money I might try to score a 5900X or 5950X. I think the 5900X pops up at Micro Centers pretty often.

    Newegg has this shuffle lottery type thing that might be worth looking into. They just sold a 5950X for $800 and a one with mobo and water cooler for $999.