Assassins Creed 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, May 27, 2012.

  1. Such a great looking game so far and no one has created a thread for it yet. This is going to blow A2 out of the water.

  2. While I think it's interesting to have a game set during the American Revolution, the assassin garb looks incredibly out of place. I wish they had updated it a bit to make it look more like something out of the 18th century.

    I am curious what the combat will be like, as guns from that time period took around 30 seconds to a minute to reload, and a lot of the fighting was done with knives, tomahawks, and bayonets.
  3. Most probably the same way the gun in A2 worked but a bit faster.
  4. I've still got revelations sitting about waiting be played. I tried for half and hour a couple of months back but hated the way Desmond now looks nothing like Desmond. I spent three games getting to know this guy and now theyve done the gaming equivalent of changing the actor for no good reason. I'm trying to muster the enthusiasm to play it. People say its not as good as brotherhood which is putting me off further as although brotherhood was good it was little more than AC 2.5 and I was getting bored of it near the end. I think the AC series has become stale, there only so many times you can climb buildings before it gets boring.
  5. Is anyone from Boston and could write a word or two on how the city from the game corresponds to actual Boston?

    I started to really like the game and the city but I've never been to Boston. Are there some recognizable spots that are present in the game and could be identified somewhere in the today city?

    I am just after the incident at the bay where tea boxes were destroyed and the game finally started to feel like Assassin's Creed - I got my headquarter, I got my men I can hire and call for help and the plot finally start to tell a story.
  6. I started this game last week and I hated it to begin with. So much so that I said I was done with the franchise as the last couple of games got boring fast. Now I've hanged my opinion 180 and am thinking that this is the bet one yet. I started out just doing story missions and nothing else, just to get it done quickly but now I'm doing everything like viewpoints and side missions etc.
  7. I'm from the Boston area, but I haven't played the game or seen much of the city settings from trailers. Do they have the Boston Massacre depicted in AC3? If so, that probably would have included the Old State House building, as the shooting took place right nearby. That building is still standing.