Astrophysics and Space Telescopes

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    NASA has their new James Webb Space Telescope basically in place now. It's by far the most powerful space telescope in history, several times more powerful than the famous Hubble telescope, roughly 100x more powerful. What sorts of horrifying entities do you think a much more potent instrument will yield?


    The Hubble telescope has given us this image of Pillars of Creation, a cloud of gas and dust that spans 5 LIGHT YEARS across.


    The new Webb space telescope is supposed to give us the ability to look much farther away and learn of things we never knew existed.

    Without the Webb telescope, scientists have found things like Ton 618, the largest known supermassive black hole 66 billion times more massive than our sun inside a staggeringly huge quasar.


    Approximately 11 SOLAR SYSTEMS can fit within the diameter of the event horizon of this single gargantuan black hole. Friction from the gas and matter rotating around it due to its almost unfathomable gravity creates streams of light that are 140 trillion times more luminous than our sun. Will we soon discover giants that dwarf this behemoth? And how long will it be before a ring entity is disturbed and devours our galaxy?
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