ATT buys T-Mobile USA

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  1. If it goes through, the big 4 will be no more. The US will be left with one GSM provider and two CDMA providers (Verizon and Sprint), leaving Sprint with no iphone.. but who cares if they get they rumored successor for the Evo. :)
  2. and this...

    Fortunately, I'm using Verizon, and Droid is my phone. iPhone is overrated...
  3. The original Droid? Old school.
  4. We all knew this was coming. And at some point, Verizon is going to buy Sprint. T-Mobile and Sprint are ghetto. No one uses them any more.

    On the plus side, T-Mobile has always had a good selection of Android phones, so AT&T will probably have the best selection of phones of any carrier after this deal. You'll have the iPhone and the Google Nexus on the same network.

    The recent T-Mobile commercials making fun of AT&T seem pretty ridiculous now.
  5. Yes the original Droid... but it's not that old to be considered as "Old School"...

    And T-Mobile is the first carrier that carries Android series phone.

    Now, I'm kinda sad: because of the $39B AT&T is spending, I believe that's the main issue why AT&T is now cutting costs, such as capping our Internet Connections (DSL and U-Verse).... U-Verse was just capped to 250GB/mo last week, and DSL will be capped to 150GB/mo in May, which really sucks.
  6. I pretty much consider anything without a snapdragon or equivalent processor as old school :)

    cmdr, it really is dependent on who you know. All of my friends and family are on either Sprint or T-Mobile. Basically 10+ people I can name right off the top of my head. Those two networks are the cheapest while ATT and Verizon hold the higher cost rate plans.

    Not alot of people know but a few months after the Nexus One was available for T-Mo, it became available for ATT"s network. It may or may not happen for the Nexus S.
  7. Almost everyone I know is on AT&T and has an iphone.

    Yeah, but there was no way to get it subsidized, so it was disgustingly expensive.
  8. Bahaha, perfect example between us. Of my friends on T-Mobile, two have the G2, one has a nexus one, one has a Vibrant 4g, and the other has the HTC HD7. Of the people on sprint, my bro in law has an HTC Evo and my other friend has the Samsung Epic (Galaxy S with keyboard).
  9. People seem to be nerd-raging about this quite a bit in other forums. The reality is that T-Mobile was going down the shitter. Their business was failing and they were looking to sell. It was either have AT&T buy them up intact, or not have them exist in a year.
  10. Too bad
    We are goint to have only two carriers in USA?
  11. Probably. Sprint is failing as well. Within the next year or two it's probably just going to be AT&T and Verizon.

    Sprint wants this blocked. No surprises there. If this goes through it's just a matter of time before they get bought out by Verizon.
  13. Rumor has it that Sprint is going to run a promo that waives Tmo customers' ETF if they port their number to Sprint.
  14. Leave one failing carrier for another failing carrier? Sounds like a great plan to me.
  15. It's incentive.. and cheaper. There's really only two choices. Stay throughout the merger and keep your grandfathered plan. Or goto Sprint where the plans are similarly priced.
  16. You'll get a new phone with Sprint. The T-mobile lines will probably be grandfathered in, so you have to keep buying unlocked phones.
  17. It appears that the U.S. government is going to try and block this merger. I'm seeing some "breaking" headlines on a number of web sites right now.
  18. Looks like the FCC's interference was enough to drive ATT away. Now for T-Mobile to look for a new buyer.
  19. Is this some sort of reverse pre-nup job creators sign, where they pay $4 billion dollars for NOT buying T-Mobile?
  20. If that was it why wouldn't they just buy T-Mobile themselves lol...