Batman: Arkham Knight

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  1. Glad I didn't pre-order this. Apparently the PC version is a turd. Game is running at 1080p on a 970 and that's not youtube buffering.
  2. I have the first two games which I got on sale years ago. I never got into either of them... the gameplay is very repetitive and system requirements on hardware of the times always way too demanding for the end result. It seem's like they've really fucked up the PC version of this one outsourcing the port. Wonderful timing though - now they will get what they deserve due to steams new refund policy.
  3. Should have got the console version. :)
  4. that defeats the whole reason then. we could just reduce the resolution and details to console level and achieve similar results.
  5. True but at least it would run. Then again I guess they will release a fix for it sometime?
  6. I've tried several times to get through Arkham Asylum and I always end up getting bored a few hours in due to the repetitive gameplay.

    This looks like more of the same, and it's a technical disaster. Hopefully the Steam refund policy works as intended and sends a message to companies who fart out turds like this. Also, lol at the 31% average review score on Steam.
  7. Nvidia has been giving this game away with new cards for the last month. No refund for them but maybe it will be patched and running better in a month or so.
  8. Arkham Asylum was a good game. Very story driven, not a spastic shooter you uncultured assholes!
  9. I've tried to play through it three times, and every single time I've gotten bored a few hours in. It can't be that great if it can't hold my attention long enough to finish it. It's a repetitive punching game just like everything on the Gamecube, and everyone was hypnotized by swamp gas when they reviewed it.

    1/10. Would request a Steam refund if I bought it today.
  10. Are you sure your not a woman, Monkey? Your really hard to please like a princess.
  11. So I guess on launch day they upped the vram requirements on AMD cards to from 2GB to 3GB but left it at 2GB for Nvidia. But as you can see the 780Ti is getting it's 3GB of vram maxed out and performing near the much slower 290 4GB because of it. This is at 1080p on the Unreal Engine 3 which has been around for a long time. They also locked the game at 30fps for some reason. WTF are they doing.

  12. I can officially confirm that Arkham Asylum was actually really good. Once you got the fighter system down it was a great metroidvania style game with some standout set pieces. The sequel wasn't as good though.
  13. Rocksteady and WB games are being absolute c*nts about this.

    Another game gimped to make the pshit4 look good. I really hope whoever messed this up experiences disappointment in their life like I feel now.
  14. "The Recommended Spec is intended to deliver an experience on par with the current generation of gaming platforms."

    Fuck off burn and die you cunts burn..

    I hope their studios go bust and they all lose their jobs.. what evil bastards.
  15. Are you a school child?
  16. This is gold. At 720p...
    720p? What is this 1997? How long before we hear about a lawsuit?

    wow. pretty quick result we see from mainstream digital distribution with return policies in place. hopefully our console servants will switch over to that model quicker so we can see more changes.
  18. Steam's refund policy is already working I see. Shitman: Diarrhea Knight has already been pulled from Steam. Next up, kick Ubisoft in the balls with refunds next time they do a crappy PC port. The PC master race will use this new power to bend game companies to our will. Either they will make excellent games with no major technical problems or they won't make money.

    Consoles need to implement a similar return policy. Back when I was into consoles, I hated that games couldn't be returned once they were opened. There were a lot of shitty games I would have returned if it had been an option.
  19. Ironically, consoles have been trending towards the old PC gamer problems. With X360/PS3 they shipped games as-is with a day 1 patch ready to go. I would return shit like that on principle if able.
  20. This came out on the group WhatsApp group I am in with friends last night, started with a message..

    'I just want to play Batman' and was followed by 'I am being told I have to download 3.5GB!'