Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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  1. Another film thread we need up.


    What is currently known is most of the original cast will return. That means:

    > Christian Bale - Batman
    > Commissioner James Gordon - Gary Oldman
    > Alfred - Michael Cain
    > Lucius Fox - Morgan Freeman

    The villains known so far are:

    > Catwoman - Anne Hathaway
    > Bane - Tom Hardy
    > Alberto Falcone - Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    Supposedly Catwoman will be more of a vigilante instead of an actual villain. Also, nothing is really known about the story but I guess it will carry on from the end of the last film. So expect everything to be grim for Batman after Harvey Dents war against crime has been finished.

    Finally. These last two batman films have been great, so expect this one to be just as good or even better. Anyone looking forward to this?
  2. Anne Hathaway is hot, but she's a horrible actress. That's some really terrible casting.
  3. They couldn't come up with a more original title? The same name with one word added at the end? I guess it's to remind people that the dark knight was amazing so this could be too since it's also called the dark knight (rises).
  4. Thumbs up for Joseph Gordon-Levitt being in the cast, but I'm not that excited about the choice of Bane as one of the major villains.
  5. bane should be good though, tom hardy is a brilliant actor so this should be a return to the smart bane we all know and love
  6. Wasn't Bane that guy in Batman and Robin?
  7. Yeah, but they turned him into a dumb grunt in that movie. In the comics he's apparently some super genius scientist
  8. Hahaha I was thinking exactly that. Guess they want to play it safe after the success of the last film.

    This could be good or bad, I'm not really sure yet. I found the last two pretty damn good but I can't say I rate them as highly as many other people out there.
  9. They have been filming this in my home town, the old BT tower has become Gotham General Hospital.



    A yellow american cab has been imported, I guess one of our black ones wouldn't have fitted in.

    Croydon gets used a lot in TV, movies and music videos but this is probably one of the biggest yet. My boss got paid to let them use some land when they did 28 days later here.
  10. Why are they filming a Batman film in England? I don't get it. Surely the massive sprawling cities of America are more like Gotham City.
  11. Maybe they like the Croydon skyline?

    (This is from 2007 there are some bigger buildings up now and more going up)

    You can see the delta point building at the end in this one, it does kind of make it look like a big city.


    At the moment Croydon is a 'town' but is once again in the running to become a city but I can't see it happening, I doubt it will be third time lucky.

    Who wouldn't want to film in Croydon when we have celebrities like Bernard.

  12. Maybe it's cheaper? If they're only using the exterior for some establishing shots, then something or other. When's this film
    Coming out?
  13. They were using it for more than that, they have had people jumping out of the windows and stuff going on up on the roof.

  14. Were you tempted to shine something shiny through te windows and see if it shows up in the film?
  15. The first teaser trailer is up.

    I fucking love Chris Nolans Batman movies....
  16. First pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

  17. Anne Hathaway is for fags... wait.
  18. Don't get me wrong, I like Anne Hathaway. She's a beautiful woman with good acting skills... but she's not Michelle Pfeiffer is she?


    The costume may be a little OTT but at least you know what character it is instantly. That pic of Anne Hathaway could be a pic of any random woman riding the batbike.
  19. That was my reaction. She's a hot girl, but she's a terrible actress and horribly miscast. She should stick to modeling and roles where she plays a "dorky" girl who takes off her glasses and is suddenly hot.

    It could be worse. They could have cast Shit Ledouche as Robin.