Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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  1. How am I supposed to sustain my Batman erection for that long?
  2. leave it to peter jackson to make a 300 minute movie, he'll do it.
  3. Hmm, you got a point. I totally forgot that The Hobbit was coming out later this year. Maybe he'll go for the kill with a 200 minute movie.
  4. Holy shit. Epic Hobbit erection time. I've had training for this one with lord of the rings, so it should be fine
  5. I especially liked how Return of the King had like five different endings. Everyone in the theater was like "when the fuck is this thing finally going to end?"

    If Batman 3 is really going to be three excruciating hours of Anne Hathaway attempting to act, I think I'll skip seeing it in the theater and wait for it to come out on video.
  6. I'll probably have 3 trips to urinate and one to take a shit during that time.
  7. I think I would prefer to poop my pants than use a public restroom.
  8. I was actually talking about driving back home. By the time I get back to the theater, the movie will still have plenty of time left with that runtime.
  9. I suppose you could keep track of what's going on in the film with the Runpee app
  10. I finally went to see this with a mate last night. I enjoyed it but it is no where as good as the other two. My arse was numb and hurting by the end as it seemed to drag on. Maybe that was because the cinema was packed and it was hot
  11. I suppose they can't afford air conditioning in the south west, I sometimes forget that the rest of the country is so poor compared to here in the south east!

    A friend who lives in Thailand said the same thing, far too long and far too numb at the end.
  12. No, there was air conditioning but it was still hot.
  13. I saw this finally. Very good movie, on par with the previous two, in my opinion.

    BUT, it's so fucking long, I wouldn't watch it a second time anytime soon.
  14. I've heard from a few people that it's not as good as the other two which was to be expected really since The Dark Knight is possibly the greatest film of all time but one of my mates actually said it was terrible in comparison. He was not impressed at all. Not enough Batman he said. A shit ton of Bruce Wayne, but not enough Batman. I still want to see it.
  15. It sounds more like something you watch at home to me. Everyone I've talked to about it has complained about the length.

    I didn't think The Dark Knight was all that great either. Heath Ledger's performance was good, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty average superhero movie.
  16. It is epic
  17. Or it's just badly edited and about an hour too long. Take your pick.
  18. Some people just want to watch the world burn
  19. I loved The Dark Knight. I saw it in the cinema and it really captured my imaginaiton, and I'm not really a big Batman fan. He's not a superhero, he has no super powers, unless money is a super power. I thought everyone was raving about Heath Ledger's performance just because he died but I was blown away by it. Easily the best villain performance I've ever seen. You can really see just how fiendishly clever the Joker was. I remember sitting there watching the parts without the Joker and thinking, "This needs more Joker". When I saw the first promo shot of Heath in Joker gear I instantly thought they'd ruined the Joker, but really they'd made what was in my opinion the best incarnation of him. That film had pretty much everything. It was well paced, the acting was top notch, and the special effects didn't look like special effects. A masterpiece of cinema.
  20. I am going to go ahead an say this one was better than dark knight. This is a long movie, but well paced. I was never bored. Dark Knight there were points i was wishing the moviw was over.

    The length of this really does prohibit a 2nd watch though. And yes there is much more bruce wayne than batman. Luckily very little/no selena kyle backstory.