Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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  1. First image of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.


    Jason Momoa as Aquaman

  2. And Supergirl.

  3. Isn't her skirt meant to be red?
  4. Is this the movie where one of the worst actors of our generation plays Batman? Keanu Reeves is a more emotive actor than Ben Affleck.
  5. Batman only has one emotion. Anger.
  6. I got really excited and then saw Ben Affleck and was like crap. Forgot he was Batman.
  7. Some of the editors/writers on the Polygon gaming site REALLY hate this trailer. Not really sure why's actually a fairly decent set-up to the initial grudge match. And that Batman mask is probably the best looking version of any of the movies that have been made so far, at least in that particular shot.
  8. I think I know how the fight ends.

  9. That was pretty good.
  10. Doucheffleck in Depressed Knight Rises...

  11. Even Polygon couldn't come up with much hate for that new Batman v. Superman trailer.
  12. My two biggest concerns were Affleck would be a lousy Batman and the Batman/Superman tie-in would be stupid. I think the trailer eliminated those concerns but I'm still not sure about Lex's role or why Wonder Woman pops in.
  13. Jessie Eisenberg looks terrible as Lex Luthor. Really bad casting.
  14. The LL in the trailer doesn't match the LL in the first post. Disappointing, but they cast Ben Affleck so not unexpected. Wonder Woman looks well cast though.

    Looks like another big budget destroy everything on earth movie. I'm kinda bored with those.
  15. Maybe he loses his hair part way through the film.
  16. He is just one of those actors that looks younger than they are. That OP picture kept negative comments about his build/voice at bay, but that trailer proves them right in my opinion.