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  1. I was considering dual GTX 460 1 GB cards given that I already own one, but the GTX 560 appears to be better in every way. I'd SLI GTX 560s if I had one of those already. I also have not completely ruled out the crazy idea of eventually SLI-ing 2 GTX 580 down the road.
  2. If money is essentially no object you may just want to go with a 4GB Radeon 6990.

  3. I hadn't seen that card yet but knew it was on the way. That does look like a beast I will consider. By the time I consider buying the card, it should will have been on the market long enough to ensure that there are no bizarre quality/tech problems with it a la the Sandy Bridge fiasco.

    $699 isn't cheap, but it's much less than 2 GTX 580s for a grand. I also read that the GTX 590/595 is coming out soon as well.

    I'm aiming to get my HSPP certification this summer and a raise of 4x to 6x what I make now, and one of these cards are likely to be incorprated into my celebration.
  4. The PC version will support full 3D support (rendered to each eye), and the DX11 deferred shading, SRAA antialiasing support. The console versions will not support those features.

  5. New BF3 PC trailer

  6. The single player looks great but it concerns me a little because the past games didn't have single player. The games were designed from the ground up for multi-player.
  7. On the consoles, they cant go the hardcore MP-only route this time around.
  8. New trailer from BF3.

    Its time for an MP trailer...
  9. Single player looks amazing as far as a scripted all out action story goes. I'm a little unsure as to how multiplayer will be. I just have this feeling that it will be toned down and pushed to the side a little because of the SP campaign. This is DICE though, so I keep telling myself I shouldn't worry.
  10. When has DICE ever failed to deliver a great multiplayer experience? I wouldn't be too worried.
  11. I've started putting a little money aside each month so I can build an absolutely shit hot computer to make the most of this game on PC. Sure it's coming on consoles but since its a real BF game it's got to be played on PC.

    We should set up a clan or something when it comes out.
  12. I think you've got a good plan there Ichi. Though I doubt I'd be able to play very well. Damn shitty Australian latency to the rest of the goddamn planet.
  13. It'll be hosted on pretty decent servers; I never saw anything resembling lag or latency on BF2 so it shouldn't be a problem for you..
  14. I think you'll be OK with BF3. monsly's internetz on the other hand...
  15. Good idea.

    So what kind of shit hot computer you gonna build?

    And whats the release date?
  16. Ever tried playing on the Internode servers? From EU you get a ping hovering about 350, not really playable.
  17. I'd be in on the clan idea.

    I can't speak for Ichi, but I'm leaning heavily towards a XFX 6990 and OCed i7-2600K currently. I'll probably ask for some suggestions from you guys later this year regarding the rest of the parts I'll need. I haven't built a rig from scratch before. I will NOT be attempting water cooling on my first try.
  18. The new GTX590 (coming in June) isnt an bad option either. But hey, you wont need cards like those to run BF3 @ max lol
  19. If my plan is overkill, it won't last long. Technology becomes outdated rather quickly. No "best card on the market" retains that title for long.
  20. Off topic but why is the trailer sent through That site's about as believable as the national enquirer. at least it's not collegehumor.