Battlefield 4

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  1. ~17 minute gameplay trailer of Frostbite 3.0 in action.

  2. Wind! Smoke! Dust! Helicopter crash! Dramatic building collapse! Have to say it looks pretty sharp though.
  3. don't forget the birds!

  4. Next gen?
  5. Announced for PC, X360, and PS3 for fourth quarter. No announcements for next-gen consoles.. also EA said no Wii-U version.
  6. Unlucky for Nintendo then as this game would help the Wii-U. Nintendo may be buggered when the next gen releases as the Wii-U will not be able to handle PS4 and Xbox: Durango ports.
  7. Considering the Wii-U has had horrible sales in the last 2 months when there seemingly is no competition, I think they're more than focked when the next gen systems launch. Nintendo needs to throw out their big guns asap to get some momentum.
  8. Did they say what platform that footage is from? I was assuming PC.
  9. They have a few of the big hitters in development now. The HD remaster of Zelda: WindWaker will be the first of them out, but even with these games they will be buggered.
  10. Looks like a totally generic brown military shooter.

    The only unique thing is that you can now turn your gun sideways and shoot gangsta' style. Which is lame. But I'm sure the dudebros who play these things will love it.

  11. I think it's safe to assume the footage is from the PC version too considering they based the Battlefield 3 trailers from the PC version and what DICE said publicly.
  12. Yeah its from the PC, when he had to cut that dudes leg it said hold "F"
  13. I'd love to see this engine used in a game like Fallout.
  14. It's impressive, but man... I really cant stand generic military shooters any more, especially the single player "how much shit can get blown up by the russian muslim taliban". I bought the third, but actually never played it. I watched my friend play MP for half an hour and decided it wasn't for me because of the balancing and gameplay dynamics etc. My friend didn't continue playing it either, for the record.
  15. it was ok. It was better than mw3, I felt. I completed mw3 in 4 hours and dont really remember any of it. bf3 was about 5hrs with a decent amount of memorable moments.
  16. I dunno maaaaan, I remember the BF3 single player being a war of attrition. Really didn't have much fun with it. MW3 fell quite flat compared to the previous ones but I still had a fair bit of enjoyment from it.
  17. I guess different strokes different folks. I fell away from the modern warfare series after mw2 because of mw2. it tried too hard with that shitty engine. Don't even get me started on black ops.
  18. I keep hoping they'll come out with another great version like BF1942 or BF2. I think Dice realized there was a problem with BF3 so maybe they'll try something different with BF4.
  19. I wanted BF3 to be much more like BF2 as well. BF2 was a hell of a lot of fun, BF3 didn't seem that way at all. I'm not holding my breath on them going back to that sort of game though...