Battlefield Bad Company 2

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  1. Maybe playing so much counter-strike has warped my perspective. The M24 seemed exactly like the scout. Accurate, but so underpowered that you have to get a headshot to kill anything. And the T88 is just like the autosnipers, in that despite not having to wait between shots, it's inaccurate and lacks range.

    The SV98 seems more like the awp, which is what I'm used to. It's a powerful, accurate, one shot, one kill type of sniper rifle.
  2. I stopped playing a few weeks ago. I enjoy the game but I don't think it has long term appeal. I'm not sure what level I got to but most of my points came from flag captures. Once I unlocked the medic kits and engineer tools I started getting lots of points that way. In my opinion the sniper is kind of difficult to play on the smaller maps and I didn't get very far in that. Assault is good but I found I was more effective with the medic's weapons.

  3. Did you know the M24 does actually the exact same amount of damage as the SV98 and the GOL? Do you guys play hardcore mode or softcore mode? Cause somethings very different here:p

    The M95 matches the AWP, slow, but powerfull (in softcore)

    Am talking only HC mode btw to note, never played softcore.
  4. True. It doesn't have the same level of depth as Battlefield 2. But at the same time it's not ridiculously shallow like the recent Call of Duty games. I got bored with Modern Warfare 2 in about 2 or 3 days.
  5. The T88 and SVD are actually potent at close to midrange unlike many other sniper rifles. The SVD is a really nasty weapon in hilly terrain where you can't get those nice elevated positions and really long range shots. I use the SVD in situations like capturing M-COM stations on the snowy level where there are more midrange shots due to all the hills and trees. Midrange silence shots work much better there than the SV98, Gol, or M95.

    I really like the M95 and Gol for long range sniping like the desert level. I LOVE that the bullet actually drops a bit with range. You actually have to develop a bit of skill and judgment depending on what you're using to get those long range headshots.

    The engineer is the anti-vehicle class. I get kills from mines ages after I actually put them down. Suddenly I get notifications that I have double kills when I had almost forgotten that I dropped them. I'm pretty crafty about hiding mines in shadows and shallow holes on roads to catch vehicles by surprise. I guess I'd make a good terrorist if I was a sociopath and wacko religious zealot.

    I suppose I usually play on softcore games, although I play on hardcore games sometimes. I haven't played much of the PC version online because I have everything unlocked on the PS3 version. I'll have to try it out on PC. Maybe I can get into some games with you guys if I can get a mic working with my PC.

    I think Battlefield is a more hardcore franchise than the CoD games, and that includes even the somewhat less hardcore Bad Company offshoots. It also requires real strategy. If you get a balanced squad with a variety of classes using tactics and communicating with their mics, they will royally thrash the Call of Duty-style players who just blindly rush forward like zombies.
  6. My god, theres alot of difference regarding the PS3 and PC version in damage. Hence the different experiences.
  7. That's interesting. Why would there be such a dramatic difference?
  8. Yea there is, for some reason. Especially the damage to the Heli's. Snipers and M60 have a notable difference too.
    This applys for sure after the latest patchs. The PC version is gonna get a new one though.

    Maybe cause the console versions are played differently, that they have balanced it out abit, or something.
  9. There's an awesome sale going for Bad Company 2 of Steam. Grab it if you haven't already. Actually, check out all the BF sales.
  10. Worth it, enjoy it now while you can, when BF3 is here, BC2 will be dead;)
  11. BC2 is a steal at $7. I had a lot of fun with it for a few weeks (which is a lot more than I can say for the recent Call of Duty games), and the vehicles are really cool, but like bfun found that it didn't have the kind of long term appeal I thought it would. Still, it's a great game, and for $7 you can't go wrong.
  12. I just bought both BF:BC2 and Vietnam. I probably shouldn't have but for $13.61, I couldn't pass it up.
  13. One of my personal gripes with smaller player caps is that it’s much easier to get a coordinated team of players. Now it may sound odd to say that but if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a beating from a organized team of players you’d understand. The only course of action is to leave the server. I didn’t see that happen as often in BF2 because it’s extremely difficult to organize 32 players. Sometimes you’d get a squad that would run the map but they could be avoided or picked off in the huge maps. I still miss the unorganized chaos of the old BF1942.
  14. That annoyed me as well. The smaller servers meant it was much easier to go up against a team that was stacked with good players, which either meant getting raped repeatedly or switching servers.