Best and Worst Avatars

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Best



  2. Armitage? A simple space marine wins a coveted bfunny award? I quote like Hellripper's one, suits him I reckons.
  3. Well there weren't many to choose from.
  4. Mine is best
  5. @bfun: Quit making excuses. I'm not entirely convinced by your Shatner one whilst we're on the subject.
  6. What is yours based on out of interest? I'm CURIOUS.
  7. Its his passport photo.
  8. How? Wut? You're nuts.
  9. OH GOOD GOD! Grim wins worst Avatar.
  10. I reckon you're right - it all makes sense now.
  11. I can't remember which avatar I associate with you - it's not the little mermaid or ghostbusters one. Hmmmm. What was it?
  12. i thought everybody loves jackie chan 8(
  13. Oh is that who it is? I thought it was some random nintendo rep doing some arm waving.

    Using my passport photo as my avatar is genius. It captures the essence of me whilst still being completely unrecognisable.
  14. Now I'm going to have to look long and hard for a new avatar. One without a Zonda for a change.
  15. Is my avatar really that bad?
  16. We got listed in the same category as Hellripper's dragonball avatar, man.
  17. Don't worry guys there's nothing wrong with Jackie Chan/monkey with glasses. They're no worse than Shatner.
  18. Wow.. 14 strips of bacon should be the defacto winner. I also like Chi's passport photo.
  19. Pinky and The Brain must not be the world icon I thought they'd be... must scheme longer...