Best basic cell phone?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. maybe I transferred it over usb cable... that does seem like the only fairly responsive method atm...
  2. Wow, sounds like Palm should've teamed up with LG to make an LG hardware phone with webos instead of selling themselves off to HP.
  3. HP will sell everything to Dell and all will be fine. Though some think Dell will just scrap everything and go the way of IBM/ HP eventually as well... I just can't see Dell passing up this opportunity. If HP puts it's stuff on the market you WILL hear we(e)bos raise its head again. It won't end up like 3dFX or 3dO :X I hope. Bought my Dell stock yesterday while you all were fooling with the touchpad junk :)
  4. wouldn't it be awesome if Asus bought it all or somethin :x
  5. nothing but poppycock :/ pls delete this
  6. My basic phone that live with me for 4 years was the Blackberry Pearl.Now i have a BB 8900 curve and the Samsung focus WP7,i use both phones.
  7. Oh snap, a WP7 user on the forum!

    You plan on getting the Nokia Sea Ray?
  8. Not an easy desicion:
    HTC Titan:

    Nokia Sea Ray:
  9. figured out why I find this phone so unresponsive. 1 it IS unresponsive, IE ppl call it slow cuz it like crashes (not visually it just shuts down) when you overload it... and it really doesn't take much to overload it :| but mostly 2, my fingers aren't fat enough!! Their not your typical meaty hamhocks capacitive screens seem to need! this right here is 85% of my problem
  10. So I got a DROID Bionic XT875 sitting on my desk. Does that make me cool?

  11. Do you have LTE in your area?
  12. Yes. Verizon brought it up on August 18th. Brand new stuff around here. Im going to test it tonight as a hot spot in my house and compare it to my Comcast Internet.
  13. Yea, I guess you're pretty cool then.
  14. Verizon wants it back in a couple of weeks so I’ll have to wallow in my coolness while I can.

    Holy crap. I just did a speed test and got 18.64Mbps down 2.82Mbps up. That’s way faster than my cable connection. I wonder what the latency is like. I might have to switch to LTE.
  15. You using the app? It tells you the latency.
  16. Ehh I was worried about logging into the Android market on a phone that not mine. Can I log back out?

    Okay with the App I'm only getting 6.7 and 3.9. The latency is about 140ms for only being about 50 miles from the source. Thats not going to cut it for gaming.
  17. i believe if you goto manage apps and select market and clear data, it'll revert it like new
  18. Well I was able to use it as a hot spot and I even played CS:Source through it. My response time was at 130ms which might get me kicked from some servers.
  19. What does khaid think about this?
  20. do they have skype on android or anything?? 100 minutes eesh...