Best game commercial ever?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. If you have seen this yet check it out. I LOL in from of my TV. I wonder how much this cost to make.
  2. Jonah Hill, I saw that on MNF, pretty funny lol.
  3. Bit of an irritating commercial to be honest, shows nothing from the game and seems more intent on grabbing people with it's big stars than genuinely good gameplay.

    Maybe that's all they need to do, tbh.
  4. Jonah Hill is a talentless, unfunny douche. I'm not even going to watch that.

  5. You don't need to show gameplay on an established franchise. You just have to have a catchy live action trailer. Note that live action trailers don't show any game footage. Skyrim has a w1AenlOEXao[/media] action trailer even. Halo had awesome live action trailers. It's the new rage.
  6. The problem with this franchise is that it's being developed by... who knows any more
  7. You guys are weird. This commercial is funny as hell. I didn't even know it was a MW3 commercial until the very end.
  8. Maybe if Activision put some of that advertising money into actually hiring real developers, the Call of Duty franchise wouldn't be in the toilet.
  9. lol call of doodyfranchise in the toilet lol.
  10. This wins.

  11. You guys are too uptight. That MW3 commercial was legit good entertainment. Though, I would've replaced Jonah Hill with Shia LaBeuf so cmdrmonkey could watch.
  12. If I were king of the world, my first act would be to have some kind of gladiatorial deathmatch with Shit Ledouche and Jonah Hill. And the victor would still get eaten by a lion or something.
  13. unfortunately, jonah hill would end up eating ledouche and the lion.
  14. I thought he lost weight.
  15. That is true, but I lean on the possibility of help by surgery. His head and chin are still showing evidence of fatty body.
  16. Once you go fat you neva go back baby!
  17. This advert has started showing on UK TV now. We did have an actual game on before, not sure if this has replaced it.
  18. I think it represented the experience of every multiplayer game out there. The Veteran. The NOOB.