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    Yes, the Zowie mice are legit. The majority of professional CSGO players use them for good reason. The EC1-A is the best mouse I've ever owned, both in terms of ergonomics and the quality of the sensor. It's also completely plug and play. It has no drivers or obnoxious, cumbersome software.
  2. Be aware that a lot of the pro players that use the EC1 don't like the EC2. I'm not sure if the average person could tell the difference though.
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    Depends on your hand size. EC1 = large hands, EC2 = small hands or medium hands
  4. The naming is confusing but doesn't a and b indicate the hand size while 1 and 2 refer to the version?
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    The a and b are versions

    a = scroll wheel lights up, softer switches

    b = black scroll wheel, firmer switches, toggle switch for polling rate, smaller mouse feet, newer but very similar sensor
  6. The people still selling these for $200 are going to be pissed. I wonder if they will release a dented metal finish like the original.
  7. I'll probably pick one up at some point as long as the price isn't unreasonable.

    That being said, I think the Zowie gives the 518 a run for its money.
  8. I ordered a revamped MX 518. I'll post a short review once I get it.
  9. I'm pretty sure I still have one in storage somewhere but too many years of hard core gaming has forced me to start using geriatric mice.
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    Got it. Been using it for a bit. So yeah it's almost identical to the old MX 518s, just the sensor is noticeably more precise.
  11. I switched to a Zowie EC2-A. It's slightly smaller than the EC1-A, but I've found this makes a huge difference. I have a much tighter grip on the mouse which makes it easier to aim, and my scores in CSGO have improved dramatically.
  12. I wouldn't mind trying a Zowie but I already have too many mice. Right now I have both a modded Mionix NAOS 7000 and the Razer DeathAdder Elite plugged in. The Mionix is my daily driver and I switch to the DeathAdder for gaming. Razer mice tend to die at around 12 months so maybe I'll try the Zowie when that happens.
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    The Zowie mice have some of the best ergonomics of any mice on the market at the moment, but the scroll wheels and thumb buttons could be better. The scroll wheels are too sensitive and a bit wobbly feeling, and the thumb buttons feel flimsy. If all you care about is comfort, no cumbersome drivers, having a good sensor, and good sturdy left and right click buttons as many gamers do, the Zowie mice are great. I also think they are a bit overpriced. They're $60-70 but should probably be more like $30-40 as they are very simple mice.

    If you do end up getting one when your Razer dies, I'd recommend the EC2 (medium size) over the EC1 (large size). Both mice are very big. I have enormous hands and found the EC1 too big the more I used it.

    IIRC you said you had carpal tunnel, so the Zowie might be a good way to go for a gaming mouse.
  14. MS brought back the Intellimouse, my other favorite mouse from back in the day. The Intellimouse Pro has the same high-end pixart sensor that's in some of the Zowie mice that it inspired. I ordered one and will report back on how it is. The Intellimouse was always a favorite. MS stopped making the things many years ago.
  15. The Zowie mice kind of looked like the Intellimouse but I'd assume they are lighter and with better buttons.
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    It hasn't come yet. From what I've read/heard the Zowie is slightly lighter, but the Intellimouse Pro has better buttons and better build quality. The Zowie mice are inspired by the Intellimouse, but they aren't exact clones.
  17. So basically Zowie copied MS and then MS copied Zowie. The Intellimouse Pro feels almost exactly like an EC1-A. Like so close that if you blindfolded me I'd only be able to tell them apart by the thumb buttons on the Intellimouse having a texture rather than being smooth. Otherwise it's the same. Exactly the same shape. Same sensor. Feels the same in my hand and in games.
  18. So which one are you going to use?
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    lol yeah I have no idea. I now basically own several really similar, almost identical mice. For all intents and purposes revamped intellimouse = Zowie with textured thumb buttons.