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  1. I think all of Logitech's wireless gaming mice can be used plugged in. Most of them don't have replaceable batteries anymore though.

    I went from g700 -> g700s -> g900 -> g903.

    The Logitech G903 is the best mouse there is at the moment IMO (if money is no object).
    It has a free spin toggle for the mouse wheel.
    You can use it with the PowerPlay mat so you never have to worry about the battery. The cable it comes with is a nice braided cable if you do want to use it plugged in.
    The sensor is much better than the G700's and it's actually centered on the mouse instead towards the front like on the G700.

    The only downside from the G700 is it only has 2 side buttons instead of 4. But the buttons are much more responsive and easier to press
  2. But if you care for money then i would recommend to look at some affordable and quality options for gaming mouse under $50 here In this list there are a few who can draw your attention and interest for sure
  3. Just got myself a SteelSeries Sensei 310. I got a pinched nerve affecting my right arm so I wanted an ambidextrous mouse for my left hand. It seems like a quality mouse.

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    I've pretty much settled on the Zowie EC2-A. It isn't perfect, but it's the closest I've found to perfection in a gaming mouse. The shape is absolutely perfect, which makes it very comfortable for long gaming sessions. The sensor is as good as anything else out there. The right and left click buttons have a very sturdy feel. I do noticeably better with it in CSGO than I do with other mice. The revamped MS Intellimouse and revamped MX 518 are also good, but not as good. The Zowie EC1-A is similar but a bit too big for my hands.
  5. I just bought a Razer Viper (wired) for $55 from Amazon. I've been using a relatively heavy (121g) Logitech 502 Proteus since around 2016, and the Viper is nearly half the weight. A friend of mine is a fairly elite R6: Siege player who has used the same Logitech mouse I've been using in the past and suggested a lighter mouse would help improve my aim quite a bit. The 502 is also a large mouse but I have medium sized hands, so that could also be an improvement assuming it's comfortable.

    I considered the Glorious Model-O and some Zowie models but decided on this one given it's returnable, weighs 69 grams, and doesn't have the honeycomb design like many ultralight mice that I could see being a pain in the ass to clean and could get debris and dust inside it. Losing 4 buttons on the mouse will be an adjustment hopefully more than offset by more precise and quick aim. I'm in my 40s now, and I am trying to do what I can to counter the reflex speed I've lost with age.
  6. G903 works well for me

    Got it on sale, the G915 low profile keyboard is so nice - hoping more mechanical kb come out this way in the future
  7. I think I am hitting shots I would have missed before even though I'm not even adjusted the the new sensitivity settings and changes in button mappings yet. I wasn't picking up my mouse enough or using the ideal grip due to the size and shape of the old mouse. I'm trying to tweak until I get the 180 turn that is perfectly comfortable. My hand size, which is kind of on the low end of medium, is pretty fortunate when it comes to mice given I can use pretty much any type of grip with this new mouse and have the highest rated gaming mice on the market available to use.
  8. I got my Tiger Arc 2 mouse feet and found the resistance with the Glorious XXL mouse pad to still be too high. I bought a Cooler Master MP510 mouse pad, which I've read is much smoother gliding despite having a rather rough surface. I considered the Fnatic Dash but decided on the MP510.
  9. So I've been rocking the G502 PC masterrace mouse for awhile. I have like 4 of these scattered all over my house. But I'm thinking of finally trying another mouse. Since I bought so many keyboards I want to pair a non G502 mouse to my Mac. Anybody have any opinions on the Mx Master 3?

    Reading up on this thread. The other option would be to send the G502 to the Mac and get a "light weight" gaming mouse for Windows that seems to be all the rage these days.

    What would PVC do?
  10. I upgraded to the Logitech Gpro X Superlight Wireless mouse a few months ago. I don't think I can get much better than this currently.
  11. BenQ/Zowie EC series
  12. So you guys recommended the #1 and #2 mouse per my research.

    Don't judge me but I went in another direction. I ended picking a lightweight gaming mouse by prioritizing what really matters. RGB. Got the the 69 gram Glorious Model D.

    I gotta say I thought this lightweight mouse was hype. But of all the upgrades I've done this had the most noticable benefit in CS:GO. I'm doing surprisingly well against other casuals. Of course, I still get wrecked outside my skill level.

    Since we all have jobs, we can keep buying newer tech to stay above poor college kids lol.
  13. Took a look and....oh god my Trypophobia! NSFW mouse. Also, how do you clean a mouse like that?
  14. I've never tried one of those vented mice. How does it feel in your hand?
  15. The vented pattern feels indifferent. It doesnt feel great but you have to concentrate on how it feels to even notice. I only use this for gaming and the G502 for daily use. So it's just a shiny toy on the desk most of the time.

    I ended up with the G915 keyboard which is too expensive to destroy button mashing in games. So I basically have a separate keyboard / mouse for gaming. I'll just replace them as needed, which is my answer to @bfun's question about cleaning.

    If you don't care about the RGB, it's pointless compared to the Zowie.

    I skipped the GPro because Apple products have kinda soured me towards Logitech. There is no cohesiveness. Like my G915 doesn't have USBC and more importantly isn't compatible with Logitech Flow (multi monitor software KVM). I was actually really shocked by this as my $40 Kb/M support this amazing feature but this $250 keyboard doesnt. No Flow on GPro either.
  16. So you bought a keyboard that's so expensive you don't feel comfortable using it and a weird mouse that you can only tolerate for short periods of time while gaming. LOL
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  17. LOL. You’re not completely wrong. But it also has to do with having multiple computers. I’m haven’t found a hardware/software KVM solution I’m happy with.

    It was just easier to have dedicated keyboards and mouse(s?).
  18. I got a Logitech MX Master 2 on sale. It's 100% a productivity mouse. I got it for my work laptop but I'm not sure if I will get used to it. It's heavy, and big, but it work on glass which is nice. The scroll wheel has a setting where it switches to free wheel if you scroll fast enough. That's a neat feature but the audible motor click is kind of annoying. It can span screens from multiple devices on the same network. I'll probably never use that feature.