Bestest Biscuit Ever Thread!

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by chi, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Which is your favourite biscuit? Do you like the dunkability of Digestives or the oaty goodness of Hobnobs? What about the Custard Cream's yummy filling?

    Perhaps you're a Bourbon man, or a fan of nice Nice biscuits?

    Do you dunk? How do you dunk? Have you ever sucked your tea through a shortbread finger?

    Tell us everything!
  2. bahaha, those names slay me..
  3. I can't decide between the two, Hobnobs have a nice crunch and flavour but aren't great for dunking whereas Digestives are perfect for dunking.
  4. Digestive all day long.
  5. I've heard stories of Americans really liking Hobnobs, one couple filled their suitcases full of them.
  6. WTF are Hobnobs and Digestives? I looked them up and they look like cookies but they sound like Graham crackers.
  7. Digestives are like graham crackers. Never tried a Hobnoblin so I'm in the digestive camp.
  8. They're biscuits, kinda like cookies but crunchy, not chewy.

    Digestives aren't quite like Graham crackers, they're slightly more crumbly than your regular biscuit, which tend to have less than 2% moisture content. This is why biscuits go soft when they're stale.
  9. Hobnobs all the way, though Digestives are class too. Caramel and chocolate digestives ftw!
  10. In the US, biscuits are a type of roll.

    LOL, gotta love language barriers when you are technically speaking the same language.
  11. Those are scones?
  12. This is a Digestive

    These are Hobnobs

    Also, the perennial favourites, the custard cream.

  13. I think you need to change this thread to "The greatest biscuit thread" ;)

  14. I don't like Bourbons that much, a little too flavourless for the way they look.

    I can't get rid of the poll so I probably won't be changing this topic, I might make a new one if there is interest.
  15. Chi, we would just call them all cookies and just not differentiate since we probably wouldn't eat them anyways. They lack chocolate chips or frosting.
  16. I can delete the poll if need be, then you can just rename the thread title if you wish.
  17. Yes they are scones, but we call them biscuits. The only time I have ever heard them called scones is when they aren't plain.
  18. US and UK hate each other and thusly decided to name everything opposite. I makes for a laugh riot when people from both country's have a discussion.
  19. Considering it is our language and half of the sayings were for things in England way before the Americans used them for different meanings, our meanings are what they are.
  20. They're pretty much the same thing, just different names. As for scones, they come in all sorts. With raisins or fruit. etc

    @phisix, Go for it, I'll rename this to "The bestest biscuit ever thread"