Bethesda's Next Game

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  1. A lot of people (myself included) were certain that Bethesda's next game would be Fallout 4. They've recently come out and explcitly said this is not the case. Over the last couple of days they've been tweeting some really random crypit teasers of their next project, and here they are:

    These are obviously just designed to generate interest because fucking no-one would be able to tell what game this is. Supposedly it's from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, which worries me since Resi hasn't been good since 2004. IGN are going to be revealing what this new game is later today, 5am Pacific, which should be 1pm GMT. I'm curious of course but still disappointed. It's going to have to be something really special to make up for not giving the fans a new Fallout game.
  2. Before I even read the second paragraph of your thread my 2 instant impressions of the footage were either war or apocalyptic. The fact that the Resi guy is on board suggests the later of the two

    I too would have liked to have seen a new Fallout as for me Fallout > Elder Scrolls (opinion) but they may be able to spice up the survival horror scenario with a Fallout/Elder Scrolls RPG system and I don't think it is really something we have seen yet.
  3. Update.

    Not only is the game being helmed by Shinji Mikami but its being developed by his new studio, Tango Gameworks (yes, Tango). So Bethesda aren't even making the game.

    Cancel any excitement for this project right now.
  4. Was anyone excited?
  5. Yes, a lot of people were. Here's the shitty trailer they just put out.

    The Evil Within (really inspired title there)

    Well that was totally worth waiting for. Some shitty live action shots of hostel or the Silent Hill films or something. Then the spawn of Goro and that girl from the ring come out of the ground. Some of the things in this trailer might have been unnerving if it didn't all look look just like stuff we've seen before.

    Also, fuck live action trailers for videogames. If I wanted live action I'd watch TV. If I want to see what a game is like I WANT TO SEE THE DAMN GAME. This trailer told us nothing about the game, other than it's "scary" because there's blood and you can't see their faces.

    They're giving us this instead of Fallout 4? WTF?
  6. Bethesda pulled everyone off of Skyrim to work on their next project did they not? This is probably just what is coming out next with their name on it, they must be working on something as you said this is not being made by them.

    Obviously whatever it is they are working on isn't ready to be shown off or spoken about yet.
  7. I R just disappoint in Bethesda this week.

    1. No more skyrim dlc
    2. Next project not fallout 4
    3. Teased for a piece of shit trailer
  8. They wanted to do something else for once. They have been Elder Scrolls and Fallout games nonstop for years.
  9. It almost sounds like this time they do this only for themselves ;)
  10. Looks pretty gay.
  11. Looks awesome and has
    Promise. About time we had a decent horror game.

    The last good Resident Evil was RE4 and that was the last Resident Evil game the creator did.