Beyond: Two Souls

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  1. This is the new game from Quantic Dream, the creators of one of my all-time favourtie games, Heavy Rain. This game was sold on me as soon as I knew it was being made. Apparently it plays like Heavy Rain with interactive prompts and such but it's more minimal, or rather the icons are. It's hard to explain so just watch these videos. On eof the mis a 35 minute demo they released at some point. I didn't watch all of it because of I didn't want to see too much of the game before it comes out in October exclusively on PS3. I was going to claim Beyond as GoTY but now I've played The last of us... it's got some serious competition.

    The first trailer that had me excited about this game:

    The recent E3 trailer:

    The demo trailer:
  2. I'm excited. But I'm sure there will be plenty of moments where I feel that it's nothing more than a choose your own adventure movie. I hope it is a little less than Heavy Rain, but I still loved Heavy Rain so I'm sure I'll love this either way. I just need to play it before I get a PS4 so I'm not spoiled by teh uber next gen graphics.

    Oh, also, even if it is just an 8+ hour choose your own adventure movie, at least this time they hired some decent actors.
  3. I thought the acting in heavy rain was spectacular for a video game. Having famous actors in games almost always detracts from the immersion for me. All I see in these videos are Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, not the characters they're portraying.
  4. Looks freaking awesome. So many great games on the PS3.
  5. I get what you're saying, being that they don't look exactly like themselves but the voice and facial expressions would make for an odd uncanny digital twin of the well known actor. Still, I found Heavy Rain lacked as far as acting goes in quite a few instances, so I welcome this move. I enjoy seeing certain actors in movies and I don't think of them as the person that they are, just them as an actor playing a role. Unless it's someone who is in the media for their personal life through their choice or not... that can ruin my ability to watch that actor in a movie and I try to avoid stupid gossip because of that. I don't see how this is all that different, it's more like an animated movie using famous actors. Except in this case, there's more than the voice that gives away who the actor is.