BF3 vs MW3?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Alpolio, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. I'm wanting to get one for Christmas, so which one is the best? I'm leaning toward BF3 because it looks the best and it favors PS3 hardware.
  2. Don't you have a high-end Asus gaming laptop? Why wouldn't you get the PC version of BF3?
  3. Yeah, I just read on Digital Foundry that the PC multiplayer is fantastic on BF3. Much better than the consoles. So I probably will go that route.
  4. The PC was the lead platform during development. The console versions were just an afterthought and are basically ports.
  5. So which one would be better on the PC?
  6. BF3

    I wouldn't even bother with MW3. It wasn't developed by Infinity Ward. Activision fired all of the people who developed the other two MW games when they tried to get the money they were owed.
  7. Depends, do you have a pimpin pc? than BF3 would take advantage of that. If your not SERIOUS about your gaming than MW3 would do better.

    Plus MW3 is a franchise player. Not many ppl are as hyped about continuing their battlefield career as there are modern warfare zombies. If you yourself, have a lot 'invested' int the modern warfare series than MW3 would probably be a no brainer. also if a majority of your friends play mw3 than you got to consider it a better buy regardless of console.
  8. Also, BF3 on PC is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than on console. So get it on the platform of choice.