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  1. I've changed my mind about sticking with my 10-year-old Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 case. Now I'm looking for a large mid-tower with lots of flexibility. My main requirement is that it needs to have mounts for 2 HDDs and 2 to 3 SSDs even with all the drive cages removed. It also needs space for a radiator and reservoir. PSU covers are nice but not necessary. I also like tempered glass walls. Here is my short list.

    anidees Al-Crystal / Rosewill Cullinan

    Price is $99 to $130. The case is a bit on the larger size and comes with 4 140mm fans which might be crap. The glass is so smoked that it's really only transparent in the dark. I like how that makes the interior look ghostly.


    ThermalTake View 31

    Price is $130. It's got glass on both sides and a clear front door. Graphics card can be mounted on it's side. Comes with 3 quality RGB fans. No PSU cover.


    ThermalTake Supressor F31 and F51

    Price $100 to $130. These two cases are almost identical with the F31 being short and wide while the F51 is tall and narrow. The silent case design is a 90% rip off of the popular Fractal Design Define 5 case. PSU covers are available.

    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5

    Price $110. This is about the largest case still considered a mid-tower. Lots of room in this one.

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv

    Price $170 to $180. This is the smallest and most expensive case. The body is aluminum and the thing looks sharp as hell.


    This one isn't on my list but it looks like fun.

  2. I've read that the air flow is terrible in the Phanteks and it's all form over function.

    My case has a smoked side panel and I like it far more than fully transparent panels, because it allows you to use lighting to highlight particular components.

    If it were my choice and I had I higher budget, I would love to wait for that new Cooler Master HAF case posted last.
  3. I think airflow performance need to be taken on a case by case basis. My current cooler master has lousy airflow. 3 120 exhaust fans at the top and 1 120 intake at the bottom. The entire front 1/3 of the case with the drive cages has no airflow whatsoever and the drives run hot. It's the same issue with the new designs that put drives behind the motherboard or under the PSU shroud. I guess the heat tolerances on the new drives have gone up a lot so maybe it's not as big a deal. In the past 44c and up was a slow death and now they say 60c is the safe limit. That Phantek Enthoo Evolv is half the size of my current case but has room for 7 120 fans. 3 in the top, 3 in the front, one in the back. The bottom front one even blows over the HDDs and through the PSU shroud. This pic shows 140s installed. The limiting factor are the body panels that cover the fans and restrict airflow but that's pretty common on most new cases. My Cooler Master does it too by pulling or pushing air through tunnels. The result is less noise, less dust, less airflow.

  4. I ended up going with a ThermalTake View 31. I'm loving how versatile the chassis is. It'll be a month before I get a chance to finish it.