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  1. Right. Adaptive sync/Freesysnc is already a VESA standard. It can work with Nvidia, AMD and Intel. I have a hard time believing that Nvidia can convince manufactures that a proprietary technology that only works with Nvidia hardware is the way of the future especially when you consider that Intel CPUs are now low-end gaming machine that would benefit the most from adaptive sync.
  2. Well I guess it's getting close to a month and I've decided to keep it. I think I've pretty much gotten used to everything I was worried about. Amazon also dropped the price $50 and I got them to refund me the difference. One of the unexpected things that I really like about the monitor is the attached menu controller. There are 3 monitor presets on their that I can select with a press of a button. Normally I never change the setting on a monitor but when it's this easy I do.
  3. Ive never changed the settings on a monitor after I have initially set it up.

    One annoying thing I do have here at the office though, my 2 monitors are identical 22'' Dell displays, I have them both set exactly the same but one is slightly darker than the other, the whites aren't as white. Its annoying as you notice it if you overlap a window between the 2 displays.
  4. I never had either but this monitor makes it easy and it has an “eye relief mode” or something like that. It throws the colors accuracy out the window but it is very nice if you’re just spending hours working and reading. I also set a button for 5% brightness which I uses when all the light are off at night.

  5. Are they TN panels? TNs tend to look bad in multi monitor setups in my experience.
  6. You should use f.lux. warms the colours of the display at night so it didn't strain the eyes. No button pushing required.
  7. I have a guy that want's to buy my 24s but before they go I wanted to see what this looked like. Too much?

  8. So you're fine with just the one 32 inch 1440p monitor?
  9. I can't game with them and the 32" pushes them so far to the side that I have to turn my head about 45 degrees to look at them. For the most part they're just eye candy and probably wasting electricity. The only time I really need multi-monitors is when I have multiple spread sheets to work on. Then they're fantastic. That doesn't happen very often.
  10. I picked up the Benq BL2711U UHD this week. Thought about the larger 32 inch UHD, but preferred to save the $300 difference...and combined with an older 21 inch Cintiq that's on an Ergotron arm, that's plenty of screen space. The only weird thing about it so far is that the DVI-D connection just refuses to carry a signal. Fortunately, they supply you with every cable type known to mankind out of the box, and I used Displayport instead. Still required a little voodoo though...booting the computer with it connected resulted in a 'cable not connected' message and blank screen, so you have to unplug and plug the cable back in while the monitor is on and then it finally works.
  11. How is the scaling working out for you? I'm guessing because you're using OSX it's probably fine. Windows has such poor scaling that I wouldn't even consider a 4K monitor at this point.
  12. windows was supposed have fixed that in 8.1 iirc. my surfacebook is 3000x2000 and looks fine
  13. Windows wasn't always the main offender. Other software like Chrome, Firefox, and Steam all had issues.
  14. Looks good. I've got it set to mimic 2K proportions right now, and haven't noticed much in the way of problems. A couple of really minor things when web browsing have happened, like small bits of text that were slow to scale properly...almost like a pop-in effect from a game.
  15. I ordered a BenQ BL3200PT. Newegg has it for $359 right now.

    I bought an Asus PG279Q a few months back, but returned it due to stuck pixels and backlight bleed. Seems the IPS g-sync monitors have major quality control problems. Many user reviews are negative.

    Also, I found 27" 1440p pixel density a tad too high for general use, and I don't like Windows scaling. I'm thinking 32" 1440p might be the sweet spot for general use. I'm also thinking it will be big and high-res enough that multiple monitors may no longer be necessary. I might be able to retire and maybe sell off my U2412Ms and just go to one really big monitor for everything.
  16. I find I still need multiple displays with an Acer predator 34" and Samsung 32" 1440p. I play games that can do windowed mode in fullscreen so it really becomes useful in that respect.
  17. I had a 24" on either side of my 32" for a while but I felt like I wasn't using them at all and was just wasting electricity.
  18. Are you familiar with workspaces/compiz on Linux? I find having a large screen with virtual desktops is 100% better for productivity. There used to be a Win7 program called Dexpot but it's incompatible with W10.

    For entertainment though, I'm a fan of putting video on one screen and reading webpages on another.
  19. I have 3 of the U2412Ms. Guess I can try two of them as peripheral monitors and see how I like it. Other one may get sold or be hooked up to my wife's desktop.
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    Oh man, this monitor is really nice. This thing is huge. And it has great color, deep blacks, good viewing angles. Makes the U2412Ms look like poo by comparison (I think it's mainly the high contrast and deep blacks). So much screen real estate too. How did I live without 1440p this long?

    Edit: not noticing any significant lag. Was #1 in the CSGO match I tried. Everything being so huge seemed to help.