Bfun goes to ComicCon

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Going to my first Comic Con tomorrow. I'm hoping to see some good cosplay.

  2. dab some fragrance on your nose. beware of the neckbeard body odor and take down all weebs you see.
  3. One of the top ten tips that I saw was to shower and wear deodorant. So.... I'm guessing stink is a real issue.
  4. Yeah, in general, in any situation where you're in enclosed spaces around alot of people, that's always the number 1 thing. but you have to also put in the type of people you'll be around here too. lots out of shape people walking around all day for hours and hours.
  5. I'm back and I'd give it about 4/10. When I was leaving I realized why I didn't find it very interesting. It was almost completely devoid of any Marvel or DC representation. I'm guessing Disney would sue anyone trying display anything Marvel. It was mostly a strange mix of renaissance fair, flea market, cult film festival, Asian animation, old comic book store, and mock Star Wars stuff.

  6. How did it smell?
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  7. There were probably 15000 people there in the morning and I only smelled one. So a little better than Walmart.