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  1. The wife and I are going to the UK for 10 days in March and I'm starting to plan the trip. So far I've bought tickets to London and that's it. We'd like to spend 1 or 2 days in London maybe 2 to 3 days in Cotswold and also spend a few days in Ireland or Scotland. The wife is mostly interested in seeing the countryside, castles and drinking tea. To the English folk around here, would you suggest Ireland or Scotland and why? What other places are a must see?
  2. So... Bfun does a 10 day water fast?
  3. The solids will be fine and I hear the liquids are excellent. There is a rumor that Scotland is floating on a sea of scotch.
  4. Bfun eats nothing but Indian food for 10 days, because the alternative is mushy peas and spotted dick
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  5. For Scotland, I’d recommend Edinburgh - an amazing city with beautiful streets and real vibrancy. Lots of history and culture; beware it is a city of contrasts so there are rougher areas to avoid. We stayed at a very expensive hotel when we went, quite a few years back - The Scotsman - but it was an amazing place.

    Never been to Ireland so can’t comment on that; heard lots of good things about the Cotswolds so you should be good there but think mostly it’s scenery and walking, not sure there’s tons to do.

    As for food, hard to advise but most major cities will obviously have great restaurants. Edinburgh and London have lots of fantastic places. I can’t really help as I’m currently following a pretty strict Palaeolithic vegan diet with intermittent fasting according to moon/season cycles. Pretty hardcore with no room for heart disease meals! If you’re on the South coast I can recommend some great Smurf ‘n’ Turf places (mushrooms and wild pollinated grass) but appreciate that’s a little selective.
  6. On a kinda serious note. Suitcase Monkey is one of my favorite travel floggers and they are from London. This is their 5 day itinerary for London. You'll obviously have to do everything at 2.5x speed to fit it in 2 days.

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    The Scotsman looks pretty nice and the room rates don't seem too bad. In fact, I was surprised by how reasonable the room rates in Scotland are. In March, a room at the Scotsman is about $160. Last night I paid $210 for a basic room at a Marriott. Would you recommend driving to Scotland from London or catching a train and then hiring a car while there?

    What do you think about the national parks in Wales?
  8. You should visit the Lake District of you like lakes. Has all the quintessentially British little villages and castles and countryside you can shake a stick at.

    Castle Combe is a really quaint, chocolate box village you could visit in the Cotswolds. It's literally two streets but it's very picturesque. From what I remember, it has at least three pubs and a post office.

    A more touristy place would be somewhere like Bourton on the Water. There's a nice railway museum there and a model village.

    Make sure you have a full English breakfast everyday. Black and white pudding if available.
  9. Finally watched the Video. I'm definitely hitting the food market and I'd like to see the Churchill war room.

    So the news over here makes it's sound like England and Scotland, and maybe Ireland, are all getting angry with each other over Brexit. Should I expect rioting and protest? We were jokingly making a plan B which had us immediately turn right at Heathrow and head into Germany or maybe even Denmark. I have family in Denmark and friends in Germany. I'm wondering if we need to take that plan more seriously.
  10. Lol these motherfuckers still haven’t brexited? Got caught bluffing I guess.

    Wouldn’t worry about it. I was in Scotland while people were marching for independence. I thought there could be violence but it’s like just something for them to do to pass the time I think. Like those people in the south that re-enact the civil war.

    Maybe you can negotiate direct trading routes with them in your spare time.
  11. I'd suggest coming to Manchester - the best city in the UK ;)
  12. I was on a bus in Manchester once, people started throwing things at it. Never went back...
  13. So bfun is not going to the UK. Due to recent global events we've cancelled the trip. Unfortunately, a lot of our investment is lost but I suppose that's better that getting quarantined somewhere. Instead we are going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

    This ...


    Has been changed to this.

  14. I seriously lucked out. I decided not to go on vacation in April and was going to take a loss on non-refundable flights. But the airline cancelled all flights 2 weeks later. So I got all my money back.
  15. Now that there is a UK travel ban I'm kind of hoping I'll get get a refund on my ticket. I doubt it will happen but it'd be nice.
  16. Well almost 5 years later and we finally did the trip. With only 9 days we didn't have enough time for Scotland and we stuck with Bath, Cotswolds, and London. Also 1 day in Wales where we ran into and away from a guy complaining about Biden molesting kids. Here is a picture of a castle.

  17. wow.. charles really let windsor castle go after his mom passed... RIP