Biggest Waste Of Space In Gaming

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  1. What additions to games would you rank among the most pointless, boring, hateful, useless or otherwise crap features ever to grace gaming? I'm talking about entertainment black holes, portions of games that you really can't understand why they were included and feel whoever came up with the idea should be fired.

    I nominate b-spec mode from Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5. It's basically a mode where you let a complete and utter retard of an AI drive your cars around, a lot. There's even trophies tacked onto it in GT5. They claim it gives you the feeling of running your own team. All it does is waste time, slowly. I don't buy a game just to sit there and watch it play itself... badly.
  2. Water sections in platform games, both 2D and especially 3D games. Developers seem to live by the rule that all platform games have to have at least one world devoted to water and Sonic 3 went the extra mile by incorporating it into every second act.

    No one likes them so they may as well just stop!
  3. I couldn't agree more.

    Unskippable cutscenes also get me angry. I know they want to avoid accidental skipping and missing important plot lines but MGS4 and FFX-2 got it right. You pause the cut scene then select skip, the way it should be. Multiple playthroughs on games with long and unskippable cut scenes can get very annoying.
  4. -quick time events
    -cutscenes that can't be paused or skipped
    -mazes and jumping puzzles in first person shooters. If I were looking for that kind of gameplay, I'd play Portal or Mirror's Edge. I play FPSs because I want to murder things with a gun.
    -errand boy fetch quests in RPGs
    -games with autosave that save your progress too infrequently, requiring you to replay huge sections for no reason
    -sudden, steep changes in difficulty, which usually indicates a lack of proper play testing
  6. Parts in games where you have to help someone by guiding them. Think Raiden guiding Emma in MGS2 and also ICO which was most of the game.
  7. Oh that bit was particularly annoying. I guess it was their way of trying to make the backtracking less repetivie by making you do something else. That section should have been cut.
  8. Indeed. As a matter of fact the game was just a re-hash of MGS1 but in its own way.
  9. In a very clever way. The MGS story is one of my favourites. It's so epic and convoluted and the way MGS4 brings a lot of things full circle like the DARPA chief from MGS1 being SIGINT from MGS3 and EVA having played such a huge role in the whole thing. Genius.
  10. End game cutscenes that are too short
    midgame cutscenes that are too long.

    Also; ridiculous fan theories such as that halflife 3 one above.
  11. Pointless Multiplayer
  12. Care to elaborate?
  13. Monsly?
  14. Shut it, you.

    I'll nominate splash screens; the playstation epilepsy and move screens being unskippable bugs me quite a bit.
  15. When a game tags on multiplayer as an after though. Problems might include but are not limited to, bad servers, bad server interfaces, no balance, empty servers.
  16. Sounds like most multiplayer to me.