Binding of Isaac

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  1. The afterbirth expansion just got released on the PS4. Looking forward to getting back into this.

    For anyone who hasn't played it, Isaac is a rogue dungeon crawler shooty game. A weird combo but, once it draws you in, it's an immensely satisfying game thanks to the sheer amount of combos and power ups it features. One of my favourite games of the last 5 years.

    @Grim: you picked this up yet? Greed mode has a real bastard of a boss.
  2. You can cheese greed mode really easily with a Jera rune (if you can get a perthro too even better) and a blank card, even a blank card and a 2 of diamonds with a battery in the shop will be make it super easy. Just buy every item as the shop has infinite restock.

    I have 960 coins in my donation machine ready to get it to 1000 to unlock Keeper. Again you can cheese this with the redo sand timer item, keep going back into the room and donating money, when it sticks press L2, buy the battery and repeat. You get all of your money back each time but the machine has the last total you left it at before it stuck.

    Also remember that they made it easier to unlock The Lost, if you find the missing poster just grab it and go and die in a sacrifice room.
  3. Huh? How does that exploit work??? What do those ruins do? Been a long time since I played it. Ultra greed is a shitty boss; don't like the damage cap. Had an excellent azael but his damage was nerfed by that so I only got him down to a third.
  4. Jera duplicates everything on screen, perthro changes an item (like D6).

    It you get blank card and Jera us it to dupe money (keep buying battery) and buy everything.

    If not if you can get blank card and 2 of diamonds do the same but this will keep doubling your money. So you get 99 money, buy all the items and when you're down to say 20 use blank card, pick up battery and repeat.

    Jera also works in devil deals so if you use it you can get 2 of an item or even just take the items for free once as the heart loss doesn't get duped.
  5. Also I forgot to say, there is another new difficult boss called hush. You have to kill it lives in under 30 minutes and a boss rush like door opens up.

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  6. FFS, managed to get the card replica and 2 of diamonds. Got infinite cash going and then it crashes at the end after I've really powered myself up. Reload and it hasn't saved. Great.

    Managed to beat ultra greed a few times; just need to get a balance of damage and firing rate. Damage cap he has seems a silly thing to have in this kind of game.
  7. How did you get to 960?? Just play it loads? There's no way to dupe money on the greed machine is there?

    Got my game back that crashed. The combos you can get are a bit mad. had one with about 9 followed - killed ultra greed really easily and the room was full of hearts too.
  8. I actually find Hush harder than Greed, if you are not prepared the bullet hell aspect of hush really punishes you.
  9. 2 runs in a row I find the missing poster, think I can then find a sacrifice room yo unlock the lost??? Still at least I got the hush kill with isaac.

    Trophies are still broken in afterbirth.

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